Arlo vs Blink [Which One Should I Buy?]

Security, like food or shelter, is a basic human need. Given the ever-increasing number of attacks and crimes happening daily on a global scale, it has become imperative that the best possible security measures are adopted to secure our premises.

Arlo vs Blink

Thanks to technological advancements, the security field has undergone exception changes that have seen the emergence of top-class security cameras allowing homeowners to get a comprehensive detail of what happens inside and outside the vicinity of their premises at any moment in time.

Additionally, home monitoring has been made easier through the integration of mobile apps that allow remote surveillance of the premises even when you are away.

As a result of the effectiveness of security cameras at home, popular security camera manufacturers, such as Arlo and Blink have established cutting-edge technologies and designs to ensure their clients’ surroundings are protected and under surveillance at all times.

This article has chosen one popular version from the two manufacturers and compared their products to establish the best in terms of performance, functionality, features, and designs.

The chosen models are Arlo Pro 2 and Blink XT.

Arlo Pro 2 vs Blink XT: Pros & Cons and Verdict


  1. Both systems offer inbuilt motion sensors
  2. They are all perfect for outdoor/indoor installation.
  3. Blink does not offer two-way communication, Arlo does.
  4. Blink requires the installation of additional systems to support automation

Similarities: Arlo Pro 2 vs Blink XT

  1. Arlo and Blink are both home-based security camera systems.
  2. They all possess night vision capabilities.
  3. The two systems support multiple camera sync to a single hub
  4. Support DIY setup and installation
  5. Neither manufacturers support lengthy contracts or subscriptions to their storage services.

Differences: Arlo Pro 2 vs Blink XT

  1. Unlike Arlo, Blink is completely wireless
  2. Arlo offers two-way communication for audio, Blink doesn’t
  3. While it offers more features, Arlo is very expensive
  4. Arlo is supported by batteries that can be recharged
  5. Blink cameras can be incorporated with the Amazon Alexa

Here, we will comprehensively analyze several considerations that will help choose the system that is most suited for your home installation.

  1. Features



 It is weatherproof and can endure extreme weather conditions.

 Arlo Pro 2 offers a 1080p Full HD feature which is not available in other models yet. This gives you optimal clarity that can come in handy in the identification of intruders.

 Arlo Pro 2 is completely wireless

 It runs on rechargeable batteries

 It allows for local and cloud backup.

 Comes installed with automatic night vision capabilities.

 It offers two-way audio communication. This feature allows you to listen and talk from your smartphone through the camera.

 Upon sound or motion detection, the system can generate instant notifications which are sent directly to your email or phone.

 It uses a viewing angle of 130 degrees. This guarantees nothing goes undetected.

 It is integrated with a smart security alarm that can generate a 100-decibel siren. It can also be remotely controlled.


blink xt

 It is weatherproof

 Completely wireless

 It renders 720p HD video quality

 Offers one-way audio communication

 Can generate and send instant alerts

 It is night vision enabled and can work under low light illumination

 Allows for sync of up to 10 cameras to one hub

 It 100% free of subscription charges and storage fees.

 Uses batteries that can last up to five years. The batteries are made to last for a minimum of two years.

 Upon motion detection, it can only record motion for two seconds.

 Does not support remote arm or disarm

 Has no zoom capabilities

 It can only store videos for 2 hours

After examining the features of these two systems, it is evident the Arlo 2 is more superior compared to the pale feature of Blink XT.

  1. Design

It is imperative for the system to be visually attractive or to complement your décor. The product should blend in to be more functional and flexible.

ARLO PRO 2 Design

Compared to all other security cameras available in the market today, the design used for this gadget guarantees absolute beauty wherever it is placed in a homestead.

With a combination of white exterior color and a frontal black pigment over the lens, the outlook is simply magnificent and can fit seamlessly in any decor. Additionally, it weighs approximately one pound and employs camera dimensions of 2.8*1.9*3.1.


This system has a simple, likable, and minimalistic design that would charm any homeowner. it takes a rectangular box-like structure with a lens at the front and a completely black color.

It weighs approximately two pounds and has a camera dimension of 3.23*8.98*9.06 inches

  1. Equipment’s Installation and Setup

It is primary that a good security camera can be easily set up. This gives the homeowner flexibility when temporally positioning the system.

The two manufacturers offer the do-it-yourself installation. Luckily, both systems are simple and fairly straightforward to install when following the detailed instruction/manual they came attached with.

  1. Performance

The effectiveness and efficiency of any security camera is key ingredient in delivering results in different conditions.

To perform performance tests, we placed both cameras in several environmental situations and compared the results. The result of both gadgets was utterly impressive.

ARLO PRO 2 Performance

This system rendered incredible results. Its video capture quality was simply exceptional. With top-class qualities such as:

 Excellent audio quality and two-way communication

 Perfect 1080p video clarity even in little light and at night

 130-degrees angle surveillance

 free cloud storage and

 automatic saving and sync capabilities

the Arlo Pro 2 is simply on another level.

BLINK XT Performance

This system performed exemplary at night. Its 720p video rendering and sharp one-way audio recording will ensure that intruders are well captured.

However, it has one major downside which is its disputable battery life and its manual disarm or arm of the system.

  1. Pricing

ARLO PRO 2 Price

The Arlo Pro 2 system is highly-priced with a good price. The retail price for purchasing an additional camera for your original Arlo system is reasonable.


The Blink system retail price starts little to be less (Module included). You can also get the Blink bundle which includes two Blink indoor cameras and one outdoor at a reasonable price.

  1. Pros and Cons of ARLO PRO 2 and BLINK XT

ARLO PRO 2 – Pros

 Superb night vision

 1080p Full HD clarity and resolution

 Allows talking and listening; Two-way communication

 Allows the concentration of precise zones such as the door.

 Has efficient alert systems

ARLO PRO 2 – Cons

 Frequent battery replacements

 Can only perform advanced features when connected to a power source.

 Continuous video recording is at times not required


 It’s more flexible because of its wireless property

 Allows multiple cameras to sync to one hub

 Requires no additional for subscription or storage

 It’s easy to install

 Delivers good night vision clarity


 Lacks a zoom feature

 Armin or Disarming cannot be done remotely

 Only stores videos for two hours

 Can only record motion for 60 seconds

  1. Verdict

Both systems are generally excellent. However, the Arlo Pro 2 is more superior to the Blink XT as underlined above. Check out best cheap security cameras on Amazon here

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