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Arlo Ultra 2 Spotlight Camera – 2 Camera Security System – Wireless, 4K Video & HDR Review

The Ultra 2 Spotlight Camera is the most expensive model in the Arlo range. While it doesn’t make many improvements to its predecessor, homeowners can now enjoy features like 4K Video & HDR, Color Night Vision, and wireless connection.

The camera has a 180-degree reach and records videos in 4K resolution – one of the only wireless security cameras to do so. It is also compatible with many devices and comes with an app that allows you more control over your security system. In this post, we review this camera and take a closer look at its pros and cons.

Product Description

The Arlo Ultra 2 is a premium design and top-of-the-line security system released as part of Arlo’s 4K line. It slightly improves on its predecessor – the Arlo Ultra – especially in terms of battery life, which is now six months rather than 3 to 6.

Additionally, this Wireless piece boasts better connectivity and now accommodates the 2.4GHz range while working with 5GHz.

It is important to note that the Arlo Ultra 2 is pricier than other models in this line. A kit with a hub and two cameras will set you back $599, although you can get a new camera (no hub) at $299.

Key Features

  • Arlo Smart hub for free local storage
  • One charge for 6 months of battery life
  • Color Night Vision
  • 4K Video with HDR
  • Noise-cancelling, two-way audio
  • Arlo Smart trial for security alerts
  • 180-degree diagonal view lens
  • Auto image correction, which reduces the fisheye effect
  • Wireless setup
  • Compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, SmartThings, and Apple HomeKit
  • Automatic zoom and motion tracking


  • Easily compatible with Google, Alexa, and HomeKit
  • Long battery life
  • Accommodates 5Ghz networking
  • Smart detection features
  • Excellent 4K footage
  • Updated and accurate notifications


  • Quite expensive
  • Pricey monthly plans
  • Low range
  • Slow apps
  • Requires Smart Hub


Arlo Ultra 2 is popularly known for its durable, more fully-featured battery and 4K video footage for an ultimate smart security system. Moreover, thanks to the Arlo’s Ultra 2 wire-free design, easy-to-use mounts, and total flexibility of placement, you can now easily position your security cameras literally anywhere to take note of everything that’s happening.

Best Arlo Ultra 2 Reviews

Arlo’s second 4K leader’s era is represented by the Arlo Ultra 2. It is the first organization in class, premium model, and features a few enhancements over its Arlo Ultra archetype.

Arlo is one of the most influential brands in the home security industry to deliver a buyer-focused wireless camera in 2014. It is now known for providing the best home monitoring devices you can buy.

With all emphasis, the goal and nature of the recording have improved. In contrast, the expansion of highlights, such as adaptable movement zones and the use of AI to recognize the source of an alarm, has contributed to a reduction in the number of undesirable warnings.

The Arlo Ultra 2 is the newest brand offering, but it does not include any new features. Instead, it is a gradual transition from the Arlo Ultra, Arlo’s primary home surveillance camera, and recorded the 4K target. Overall, it works hard to find your home when you are not located and provides an excellent film of any interruption or occurrence.

Actually, like other Arlo home surveillance cameras, the Ultra 2 is weatherproof and can be controlled with either a handset or a battery-powered battery, allowing you to sign in and view what’s going on on your property in real-time.

Like how the Ultra 2 gradually allows you to view the event, the film can also be saved in a secure web-based region (if purchased under the Arlo Smart arrangement). These clasps can be reviewed for 30 days after it is recorded.

Arlo Smart is more than just a tool for removing and recording the Ultra 2; it also provides access to several astute highlights. In addition to creating movement zones to warn about action in specific areas, you can also determine whether the movement was caused by an individual, a creature, a vehicle, or another source.

Instead of directly interfacing with your home Wi-Fi network, Arlo Ultra 2 may use a smart hub that connects to your switch and provides web access to the camera. According to Arlo, the SmartHub not only offers nearby recording capacity if you prefer not to use online capacity, but it also guarantees a safe and less likely associated with the camera to be captured by unapproved customers.

The Arlo Ultra 2 has a 12x zoom, allowing you to select subtleties like car tags and video logos. It also has an implicit light, similar to the Arlo Ultra, which ensures that recordings taken during the evening are shaded instead of high contrast when played back.

Nonetheless, the new model expands its archetype with support for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi groups and a more extended reach that should eliminate availability issues.


The 4K video is clear, point by point, and comes in both day and nightshades.

180-degree view field with no fisheye

Zooming and following movements are pre-programmed.

The Arlo Ultra 2 has captured a prominent, detailed shading film during the day and at night, allowing the focus to be set when movement is detected. We discovered that we can still see subtleties when the sun shines brightly or when shadows are projected due to HDR support.

We were also blinded by the 12x zoom, which allowed us to zoom in to check small details when viewing the Arlo recording, and the 180-degree field of view, which does not have the twisted fisheye effect of other monitoring cameras.

We discovered the Arlo Ultra 2 to be highly effective at distinguishing movement. Since we began Arlo Smart’s preliminary testing, each notice has indicated whether the movement’s source was a creature, an individual, or another source.

There were some instances where the camera mistook the washing for a single person. Still, we discovered that setting up movement areas in the camera’s field of view (a different option offered by Arlo Smart) reduced the number of warnings we received.

When the camera detects motion and tracks the subject, it can also be set to zoom in (albeit this can be at a marginally lower goal because the picture has been zoomed).

An alarm can be manually or automatically activated as with the implicit spotlight, which can be physically controlled or activated as needed. The Arlo Ultra 2 also has two-way communication, which we found clear from the commotion of the scratch-off technology, which removes the clamor of the wind.

While the SmartHub provides nearby capacity, film removal is not possible through the application – you must remove the SD card from the SmartHub and view video cuts on a PC or other Gadget.

Battery lifespan

According to Arlo, the battery should be charge-free for the next six months.

It takes about 3.5 hours to revitalize.

The battery can be replaced.

Arlo claims that the battery in the Arlo Ultra 2 will last for six months between charges. We cannot confirm this based on ‘common use .’ We have placed the camera in a short timeframe for this review with extensive testing.

However, it is essential to note that the battery life you receive depends on how frequently movement is detected, how often the live view is initiated, whether the light is turned off or the alarm is activated, and whether the recipient and speaker are activated used.

Because the batteries are swappable, you can insert another battery instead of taking the camera down and out if the battery needs charging, allowing you to buy extra batteries.

We discovered that recharging the battery with the included USB connector and power connector took about three and a half hours.

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