Best security camera for office

Best security camera for office

Your office needs extra security, just the same way you would want your home to be secured. This is why you need to have a security camera for your office.

You also deserve to monitor what happens in your office when you are committed elsewhere.

There are, however, several security cameras in the market that you may end up being confused about what to buy. This review will help you in making your decision.

  1. Wyze cam pan

This is the first camera that we would recommend for your office. This such a camera, you can never have to miss anything.

It comes with motion tracking, local and free cloud storage, mechanical pan and tilt, among other features.

These features are essential in capturing all the events that would happen within your office, including the ones you would not want to have an encounter with.

The local and free cloud storage gives you an additional room for backing up your videos.

This means that you can retrieve the videos from the cloud even if the camera gets destroyed.


  • It has a mechanical pan and tilt which gives it a 2wide coverage
  • It has a free cloud and local storage for backing up your information
  • It also can be used for motion tracking to find out the exact event you are interested in


  • Buyers reported that its alarm alert is vulnerable for failing
  1. Ring stick up cam battery
Best security camera for office

Here is a very easy to install and effective security camera for your office. It stands out in the market because it is cordless.

You do not have to fill your office with cables from one corner to another. It does not need any hub to work.

This camera can give you the best that you can imagine. The inbuild siren also adds more guarantee to security of your office. You can never go wrong with this camera.


  • It does not need a hub
  • It has an inbuilt siren
  • It is effortless to install
  • Gives a sharp 1080p video


  • Relatively expensive
  • You need a cloud description to view the recorded videos
  1. D-Link full HD wi-fi camera dcs-8300lh

If you are looking for a security camera for your office which will not break your bank during the purchase, this becomes the best option for you. It is very cheap but handy for your office.

D-Link full HD wi-fi camera dcs-8300lh comes with fascinating features like the local storage, cloud recording, motion and sound alert, integration with other connected devices.

This means that you can monitor what happens in your office even when you are not around.


  • Can guarantee you a sharp 1080 video
  • Free cloud storage
  • It supports the google voice command
  • Allows for integration with other devices


  • Minor barrel distortion is common with it
  1. iSmartAlarm iCamera Keep Pro

Here is another option that you can go for in case you are looking for an office security camera with the best resolution.

You do not have to struggle following up on the videos due to a poor image resolution when you can have this simple to install camera with magical features.

The video record from this camera is sharp. It comes with free cloud storage, other device integration and a time-lapse recording among other beautiful features.


  • Gives a sharp image quality
  • Allows for motion tracking
  • Has a free cloud and local storage


  • Relatively expensive
  • The mechanical pan and tilt are relatively sluggish
  1. Nest cam IQ indoor camera

Lastly, the nest cam IQ indoor camera is one of the best security cameras for your office. It is one of the best and recent cameras you can find in the market. It is a surveillance camera which offers you facial recognition.

With the sound-triggered alert, its siren goes on when there is an intruder within your office. Who would not need such a camera at their office? Definitely nobody!


  • Sensitive to motion and sound
  • Very easy to install
  • Has a face recognition and two-way audio for better security
  • Compatible with other office and home devices


  • Most of its features require nest aware subscription to operate
  • It is relatively expensive

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