Best Wire for Security Cameras?

Best wire for security cameras Overview

Choosing the best wire for security cameras has proven to be one of the more difficult tasks in the process of setting up a security surveillance system.

What Is the Best Wire for Security Cameras?

The wire to choose for your security system will depend on several factors, such as how you expect your security cameras to function and the type of surveillance system you have –

it could either be an HD-TVI or an IP security system.

In this article, we will help you to select the best wire for your security surveillance system.

Best Cable to Use for Security Cameras

If you are looking for a reliable security cable that is able to transmit tons of information, the Cat-6 is the best option for you.

This is because it is able to send several Gigabytes of data every second.

Moreover, the Cat-5e is, as a security camera cable, is often used in IP security surveillance systems.

It can send less volume of data but at a significantly impressive rate of 1000 Megabytes per second, making it highly reliable.

What Size Wire Is Used for Security Cameras?

The size of the security cable to use while installing your security surveillance system is mainly dependent on the type of your security cameras.

For example, if you are using an analog CCTV security system, the RG-59 is the recommended security cable for you. With its standard wire thickness,

it is able to send quality video signals to your cameras and is thin enough so that it is less cumbersome to work with.

You may also use the RG-6 security cable with your analog CCTV security system as it is rated higher than the RG-59.

However, this wire is relatively thicker than the RG-59, making it quite tricky to work with, especially in a building with many corners.

If you have any other type of security surveillance system, you should keep in mind that the thicker your security cable is, the longer it will last without losing its video signal. That said, thinner security cables are much easier to work with.

Can You Use Cat 5 Cable for Security Cameras?

Yes. The Cat-5E Ethernet security cable is commonly used with IP security cameras in the security surveillance sector.

The security cable consists of 24-gauge wires in 4 pairs, where each pair is individually responsible for data and power transmission to the security cameras.

With the RJ45 connector, you can use the Cat-5E security cable for various uses, including connecting your PC to your wired router or connecting your modem to your network switch.

Overall, the Cat-5E offers great transmission rates and quality video signals, and the cable is just the right size that you won’t have trouble using it.

Choosing a Security Camera Cable

Selecting the best security cable is crucial in determining the signal and video quality transmitted to your security cameras.

To assist you in choosing the right security cable for your security surveillance system, here is what you should look out for;

For a CCTV surveillance system, you should ensure that the copper conductor of your selected security cable is 95 percent pure copper.

You should choose an affordable electrical cable that is the right size and easy to work with.

While researching the right security cable to buy, you should explore the cables' ease of availability in your area. 

Consider a cable’s rate of power and data supply. 

Before purchasing any security cable, you should determine whether the cable will conveniently fit your security surveillance system.

Best Cable for 4K Security Cameras

The RG59 Siamese Coax is the highly recommended security cable if you are using a 4k or a higher resolution HD surveillance camera.

This cable supports video transmission for over 800 feet for analog security systems and up to 1600 feet for HDVCI signals in one cable run.

What’s more, there is no lag in the camera feed, and the picture quality is top-notch.

Types of Security Camera Cables

The following are some of the main types of security camera cables:

Siamese Coaxial Cables

The Siamese Coaxial cable consists of two different wires: the RG-59 Siamese cable and the Coaxial cable that are joined together to form the cable.

You will be required to separate these two electric parts if you want to connect this cable to your security surveillance system because they perform different functions.

The RG-59 Siamese security cable has two copper wires that should be connected to a 12 V power supply to provide power to the security cameras.

The function of the larger coaxial cable is to connect your analog security cameras to a DVR system to transmit video signals.

Ethernet Cables

Ethernet cables are suitable for both analog and IP security surveillance systems.

The cable consists of four twisted pairs of insulated copper wires that are responsible for reducing signal interferences.

Ethernet security cables perform various functions that include powering your security cameras and enabling you to comfortably manage your surveillance system with the help of a network video recorder. Overall, Ethernet cables are the most popular cable choice.

Plug and Play or Video Power Cables

Plug and Play security cables, also known as video power cables, are considered the cheapest security cables.

The cable is quite easy to work with, user-friendly, and convenient for situations that need to be fixed quickly.

That said, when using these cables, your video quality and transmission rates will likely suffer.

Choosing the Right Security Camera Cables and Connectors

Purchasing the right quality of security camera cables and connectors helps improve the efficiency of your security surveillance system and saves you time and money.

Connectors play a vital role in providing your security cameras with high-quality video signals, making them just as important an investment as the cables themselves.


As already established, the best wire for security cameras is subject to every security system owner’s needs and preferences.

If you plan to set up an IP security surveillance system, you should consider cat5E Ethernet security cables.

Wire for Security Cameras?

They send sufficient power, with the help of a 12 V power supply and high-quality video signals to your security cameras.

RG-59 Siamese security cables, on the other hand, are perfect for an analog surveillance system, as they provide the necessary power and receive accurate data from security cameras in this set-up.

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