Security camera field of view calculator

Security camera field of view Overview

Have you ever desired to be in two places at the same time? It is physically impossible but achievable using modern technology.

Installing security cameras at your home or business could give you the opportunity of keeping an eye when you are away.

The most crucial thing to consider when looking for a camera to buy is the security camera field of view. It is the total area that the security camera can see.

Most security experts also call it the viewing angle of a camera or simply FOV.

The main determinant of the field of view is the lens size or focal length of the security camera.

What is the formula of a security camera field of view?

Field of view is calculated using the formula

F = (C x D) / W


• F is the required lens size

• C is sensor size (chip width) usually 4.8mm for most cameras

• D is the total distance between the camera and the object

• W field of view required (FOV)

Therefore, the security camera field of view will be given by;

FOV = (C x D)/F

Security camera field of view calculator

It is a software designed to calculate the field of view of a camera. It is useful if you don’t like doing mathematical calculations.

You are only required to enter the following information in the relevant fields:

• distance to the object

• image size of the camera

• the focal length of the camera

After entering the values, you’ll need to click the calculate button, and it gives you the horizontal and vertical field of view.

It is useful in helping you pick a camera with the right focal length or lens size.

Security camera field of view comparison

Security cameras that have a large lens size will always give a narrow field of view and a shorter viewing distance.

On the other hand, cameras with smaller lens sizes will give a wider field of view and with a longer viewing distance. These are known as Wide-angle lenses.

CCTV field of view

CCTV cameras are for surveillance purposes and not for aesthetics. Therefore, they use wide-angle lenses that produce a wide field of view with the capability of covering a longer distance. The diagonal angles rarely fall below 90 degrees.

90-degree viewing angle security camera

It can be considered a wide-angle camera since it covers a larger area. However, although it captures many objects, the detail will be compromised. Objects are likely to appear smaller.


With the above information, you are better placed to choose which security camera suits your specific needs. Scout and measure the area you need to monitor with your camera and use the FOV calculator to shop for the right camera.

Disclaimer: Every time, it comes to electric and power calculations, it is a good idea to get advice from an expert for your specific situation. The calculations on this web page are for general estimations only.