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Security Cameras Bandwidth Fundamentals

One of the most critical planning and design steps in security camera surveillance is the determination of the bandwidth requirements of a security camera project.

It is very critical to learn about bandwidth for security cameras as video surveillance consumes a lot of bandwidth and variations in bandwidth can be very significant.

Some factors that influence security camera bandwidth include:

*Video resolution –resolution determines the clarity of the image produced. Higher-resolution generates more bandwidth. Lower resolution generates less bandwidth and is used to give the situation awareness rather than the clear details.

*Audio and Video compression– this is keeping audio and video information in less storage while maintaining the needed image quality. This also ensures faster transmission.

*Quality of the images needed– at higher bandwidth the image quality is always good.

*Number of cameras installed– increasing the number of security cameras increases the amount of data recorded. This results in more bandwidth generation.

*Complexity of the scene– more bandwidth is needed to maintain the needed image quality at a more complex scene.

Formula of security camera bandwidth

Bandwidth (Mbps) = Bit-rate (Mainstream) * N + Bit-rate (sub stream) *M

N and M represent the number of IP cameras.

The bit-rate term is defined by the specifications of your IP.

Bit-rate is the number of bits of a video processed per unit time (Has unit of bit/time)

*Mainstream –These are cameras that offer a high resolution for high-quality video recording.

*Sub stream– These are cameras that offer standard video quality for low bandwidth situations.

4k IP camera bandwidth calculator

A bandwidth calculator automatically provides information on total bandwidth, average bandwidth per IP camera and the amount of storage needed.

Many calculators only require you to fill information about the factors discussed above that influence bandwidth and an automatic calculation is done. Many 4k IP camera bandwidth calculators are available as apps.

Is bandwidth always used by an IP camera?

Camera/encoder to recorder: Video generation is done by cameras while recording is done by DVR / NVR / VMS servers.

Video transmission occurs in in-between generation and recording. If the transmission is done between IP cameras to NVR / VMS servers, bandwidth is always needed.

Non IP cameras do not require bandwidth unless the video is being sent to clients as each camera is connected to a recorder.

Internet speeds needed for security cameras

The speed of the internet influences upload and download speeds of data.

Upload speed is more important as it determines how fast the camera uploads data compared to the download speed of the client’s computer or phone.

For H.264 encoding cameras, 4-5 Mbps upload speed is at least needed for 1080 p at 30 FPS recording in the mainstream.

For H 265 encoding cameras, at least 2 Mbps upload speed for 1080 P at 30 FPS cameras and at least 4 Mbps upload for each 4K 20 FPS Cameras recording in Main Stream.

When installing security cameras, bandwidth should first be calculated guided by the quality of video recording to be done by the available cameras.

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Disclaimer: Every time, it comes to electric and power calculations, it is a good idea to get advice from an expert for your specific situation. The calculations on this web page are for general estimations only.