Do I need Security Cameras (Information)

Do I need Security Cameras

Do I need Security Cameras?

In this post, you will know if you need a security camera in your house or business.

How many shops and houses have you seen with a notice saying that security cameras are installed and the property is under surveillance 24/7?

Do you know that a home burglary takes place every 13 seconds?

It may seem that the thieves are not discouraged by the security cameras but many homeowners are willing to try security cameras if they have not already done so.

The reasons why do we need security systems?

Hence, the most important question is why do we need security systems?

Let’s see.

Obviously, the number one reason is to protect your family and property. Your family is the most valuable thing for you in the world.

Then, comes our precious worldly possessions with so many memories and earned through our efforts. With a security system in place, most thieves would turn back and flee.

If we have a baby at home with a new babysitter we do not know much about and we leave for work for more than 10 hours (with the time for transport), then we would like to know that our baby is treated well and cared for.

So, with the security system, we can easily watch what happens inside the home.

Moreover, if we are traveling or on a family holiday, we can monitor the interior and exterior of our home and be in peace knowing that everything is alright.

Usually, we take a home insurance policy when we own a home and we can get a discounted premium if we have a security system is installed.

Further, the emergency help will be dispatched to our home if our security system detects a fire or a warning sign.

Hence, it will definitely help in protecting lives and property. We usually leave our pets at home when we go to work or doing errands.

We can watch them through our security system and make sure that they are okay.

Another benefit of a security system is that it can detect poisonous gases like carbon monoxide which is odorless and colorless.

So lives and property will be saved again.

Moreover, now we can remotely access our homes through security systems to shut-off the appliances we have mistakenly switched on when we left home (unnecessary lights, iron, fans, etc).

Should I install home security cameras?

Installing security cameras or not is your ultimate decision, If you think that in your area that crime rate is so low and Police are so competent that thieves are nearly non-existent, you can sleep well at night, But realistically in today’s world, we can think of many reasons to install security cameras in our homes.

As mentioned earlier, cameras will bring us peace of mind through securing our family and valuable properties for most of the time.

If we have babies, aged parents in our homes under the care of someone else, we can watch them easily through our smartphone or computer making sure they are alright. So it is another reason to go for installing security cameras in my book.

Should I install home security cameras in my home?

If you have decided to install security cameras in your home, the next decision will be to think if you would use a professional for that or do it by yourself,

There are some factors to think about before making that decision.

Obviously, if you have a very big house with extensive property and want a complicated system to see everywhere, choosing a professional will be the better solution.

If you have no problem with scheduling time with an installer, not into doing things by yourself, and can afford the budget for installation you can hire a professional.

On the other hand, if you want a simple system with few door and window sensors, hate to have strangers in the home, or do not want to pay extra and love to do things by yourself, then you can install the home security cameras by yourself.

How many security cameras do I need?

Do I need Security Cameras (2)

Again this is your decision. However, there are some factors to be considered when making this decision.

We usually tend to think that thieves will not come by our front doors but nearly 34% of them come through the front doors and many online delivery packages are stolen by our front doors.

So, we have to install a camera in front of our house.

And some of the other common places for outside are the driveway, garage door, walkway, and back yard.

If we think about the inside of the house, we can install one in the kid’s a room/nursery, family room, and where our most valuable possessions are kept. However, we should do it in a manner that will not disturb our privacy.

Why do we need security cameras?

Like I stated earlier in the need of security systems, we need security cameras for the safety of our family and property.

If a burglary has happened unfortunately in our home, the feed of the camera will be invaluable evidence for law enforcement to find the thieves.

We can view what happens in and outside of our homes while we are away through a security camera when we have repairmen, babysitters, cleaning crews, etc are in our property.

Do I need a security system?

The decision is yours. If the safety of the family, the property is important to you, and if you want to monitor what happens inside/outside your home when you are away it is a good idea to have a security system.

It is not only about alerting you about a potential robbery, but it could also prevent your home from a fire, save electricity by enabling you to shut the unwanted appliances even when you are away, While a security system can reduce your home insurance premium.

It can add value to your property if you are going to sell it. The most important thing of all is, a security system can give you peace of mind,


Hope this article gave you some clues to decide if you need security cameras or not. Check out best cheap home security cameras on Amazon

If you want to try it, please think about if you want night vision(most probably), size of your house and property, what resolution cameras should be(higher the resolution, the clearer the picture), and if you want wireless or wired ones.

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