Foscam Default Password

Foscam default password Overview

Foscam cameras are customarily bought with a default username and password that help you as the user has unrestricted access to the interface and adjust the system settings in the administrative panel of your unit.

Almost all the different Foscam versions of recorders and IP cameras on the global market are purchased with default login information.

For example, the login account credentials for the majority of Foscam IP cameras are the password: blank/empty (meaning it does not require a password) and the username as admin.

Moreover, there are some Foscam models that come with the same default username and password: admin. This guide will look at some of the common Foscam default password and username combinations that you could try out.

Foscam Default Password

One of the most notable features of the Foscam IP camera is its innovative new designs that guarantee all its users outstanding performance. Foscam cameras are also considered a favorite among many people as they are wireless and have both outdoor and indoor security cameras.

Regardless of the different models of the Foscam IP cameras, they all have the same default login details, i.e., they all don’t require a password, and their default username is admin.

Some recent models of the Foscam Camera are purchased with a default username and password that helps the user access the system’s interface.

These default login credentials can be modified through the administrative panel of your IP camera to increase security precautions.

As you alter the current default password, make sure to enter a suitable password that can be easily remembered when you log in the next time.

NOTE: Provided the above default username and password fail to work with your Foscam camera, you can opt to refer to the user manual for assistance.

Using the Default Password: Step by Step Guide

The following are simple steps to help you get unlimited access to your Foscam IP camera or recorder using default login credentials:

  1. Log in to your preferred web browser, i.e., Opera, Chrome, Firefox, etc.
  2. Enter the IP address of the Foscam camera, or use the Foscam IP Camera Tool to scan for any available local networks.
  3. Follow the prompts, and you will be required to enter a password and a username.
  4. Use “admin” as Foscam’s default username.
  5. Enter the default password as “empty/ blank.”
  6. If step 5 is unsuccessful, try using “admin” as the password.
  7. Click Enter to access the Foscam IP camera’s user settings.

I Forgot My Foscam Password

If you happen to forget or lose your password and you had already changed the default password of your IP camera, the remaining suitable option is to carry out a hard reset.

For instance, if yours is an indoor Foscam IP camera, you will need to keep it on as you press the reset button underneath the camera for approximately 15 seconds.

Once the system reboots, you can release the reset button, and the system will automatically restore the initial default settings having the username as “admin” and no password at all.

On the other hand, if you own an outdoor Foscam IP camera, you will need to keep it powered on as you long press the reset button underneath the camera for at least 30 seconds.

The results will be similar to that of the indoor Foscam camera.

Setting up a Static IP Address for Foscam Camera

With the Foscam wireless IP camera, there is more than one way you can use a Static IP address for your system.

Below is a simple procedure for fixing the Internet Protocol on your Foscam camera:

  1. Right-click on the camera to access the Network Configuration.
  2. Double click to change the user settings.
  3. Enter a strong and unique IP address for your Foscam camera, i.e., the first three digits of your IP address should be similar to that of the connected network.
  4. The mask for subnet acces should be Make sure you know that the Gateway and DNS server is the router’s Internet Protocol address.
  5. Come up with a suitable port number and enter your login credentials before saving these changes.
  6. With your set IP address, go to Network Configuration and set your static Internet Protocol address by simply clicking OK.


There are some versions of the Foscam IP camera that are now purchased with a random password. This simply means that the Foscam default password is no longer empty or blank.

You can easily identify such cameras by checking the camera’s sticker for any information about the password and username.

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