How to Install a Doorbell (Step by Step)

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How to install a doorbell

Installation of a doorbell can be done by anyone with minimal knowledge of electricity .there are two types of doorbells as follows; wired doorbells and wireless doorbells of which have different installation procedures.


Materials to use.

-Doorbell chimes.
-Doorbell wire.
-A doorbell transformer.

  • A doorbell switch.
    -Twist wire connection.
    -Wire terminals
    -Masking tape.


Switch off the power in the main switch of your house, open the junction box where you will get power both live and neutral wire, place the doorbell in your point of choice and screw it firmly, connect the wire from the junction box with a transformer to control the voltage and connect power from the transformer to your doorbell.
Important tips in the installation process.
-Ensure you switch off your power, never install on a live wire to avoid electrocution.
-The transformer should be close to the doorbell not close to the power source.
-In case of an emergency engage a professional electrician.


Materials needed.
-Electrical drill and screws.
-Strong adhesive.
-A clean damp cloth.

Place the battery into the doorbell if not permanently installed. Place the doorbell in the point of choice and screw it firmly, ensure that your doorbell is capturing your area of interest where you want to improve security eg door entrance.
Importance tips to observe in installation doorbell.

  • Doorbell with permanent batteries are better than a wired doorbell as no mo much connection is involved.
  • Are adhesive to any surface as there is no wired interference.


  • Assemble the necessary tools.
  • Charge the batteries for a wireless doorbell and install a transformer for a wired doorbell.
  • Connect your doorbell to the internet.
  • Put off power via the main switch of your apartment.
  • Uninstall the old doorbell you want to replace.
  • Properly attach your mounting brackets it the point where you want your doorbell to be, ensure no rainwater can reach it or direct sunshine.
  • Properly install your doorbell with the help of mounting brackets.
  • Switch on the power.
    Installing a doorbell in your home does not need an electrical engineer, purchase your doorbell today and follow the procedure above to install which will keep a watchful eye on your home.

How to install a doorbell without an existing doorbell

Installing a doorbell where none existed before is usually a more complex task than replacing it.

The reason being it requires you to follow some specific steps. However, you can easily accomplish the installation of the doorbell using the steps the article outlines below.

Materials and products required.
● Circuit tester
● Wire connectors and terminals
● Electrical tapes
● Masking tapes
● Screws

Step by step procedure for installing the doorbell

Step 1. Locate the electrical power source

Choose the best location for the doorbell transformer. It’ll also be good to choose a location with an electric circuit that’s not controlled by a switch. Confirm using the multimeter to ascertain the circuit has got continuous electrical power.

Step 2. Turn off the electric power supply

Before installation the doorbell, it’s good to turn off all the electric power supplies in the section you want to locate the bell. Turning off the electrical power supply will be important to prevent electric shock.

Step 3. Connect the transformer

After turning off the electrical circuit, you’ll need to connect the transformer. To successfully connect the transformer, connect the wires from the doorbell transformer to the corresponding wires on the power source. Ensure you connect the cables according to the colors green, white, and black. secure the wires using masking tape.

Step 4. Mount the bell

Choose your desired location in the house or home, position your chime, and then plumb the chime to a level. Mark the mounting holes locations on the wall using a pencil. After making the holes, fit the bell using toggle bolts on the wall.

Step 5. Mount the push button

Choose the best location on the front door, where you’ll mount the doorbell push button. Ensure you fix wires on the button’s terminals and connect them to the wires coming from the transformer.

Lastly, connect the other wire from the button to the one from the chime.
connect the transformer to the chime and then to the power source using another wire. Finally, test if the doorbell is functioning well.

You don’t need a professional expert to help you fix a new doorbell. Using the above procedures, you can easily fix your doorbell.


How to Install a Wireless Doorbell

If you’ve made an irreversible decision to install a wireless doorbell at your home or business, then you will be impressed to know that installing it isn’t anything complicated.

In reality, most people find it pretty easy to install wireless doorbells than installing hard-wired systems.

We can confirm these sentiments are true considering that you don’t need to be an electrical technician to get the job done.

How to Install a Wireless Doorbell

Step 1: Have the Right Tools

Before you embark on your wireless doorbell installation process, ensure you have the right tools. These include
• Screwdrivers
• Adhesives – to stick your wireless doorbell push button onto the target doors
• Drills – you might need them especially if you will need to drill holes for your doorbell push button

Step 2: Choose the Perfect Location

The next thing you will want to do when installing a wireless doorbell is to choose the right position.
Put things such as objects, range, and accessibility into considerations.

Step 3: Install The Batteries

Your wireless doorbell may come with or without a battery. If it features a battery, then you are safe! However, if there are no batteries, it’s upon you to purchase and install.

Sep 4: Synchronize the Receiver & Set Your Ring Tone

For your doorbell to be effective, it must be in a positing to “communicate” with the receivers. Synchronizing should be a breeze considering you have the entire guide in the user manual that comes attached.

Once synchronized, choose a ringtone that will play whenever the push button is pressed. It’s this ringtone that will alert you that someone is waiting at the door.

Step 5: Install the Wireless Doorbell Push Button on Your Door

The next step is installing the push button in the most convenient position of your door. Use adhesive or drills to fix it in position and ensure everyone can access and use it.

Step 6: Test Your Doorbell System

Now you have your system up – test it to make sure it’s fully functional

The Bottom Line

If you thought installing a wireless doorbell system is a mountain to climb, now you know how simple it is. Go for it and add the much needed convenience in your home.

How to install a doorbell transformer

The transformer plays a crucial role in the doorbell system, as it helps regulate the power’s voltage from the house power source to the voltage the doorbell parts require.

The following are steps you need to consider to install the doorbell transformer properly.

Materials and products required.

● Screwdriver
● Wrench
● Screw
● Doorbell transformer
● Electrical tape

Stepwise procedure on installing a doorbell transformer

Step 1. Locate the source of power and switch it off

Choose a suitable location for installing the transformer.

Locate the power source and break the circuit by switching off the circuit breaker to prevent electrical shock while installing the doorbell transformer.

Step 2. Attach the doorbell transformer to an electrical junction box

Remove the electrical junction if you’ve still covered it. Then get the power supply wires from the transformer and then thread them to the electrical junction box.

Thread the power supply cables via an appropriate hole to prevent further electrical short circuits. Afterward, position the transformer with its opening side on the electrical junction box.

Then you can use either a wrench or screwdriver to get the transformer in place by fastening it using bolts and screws.

Step 3. Connect the home’s power supply cables to the transformer’s power cables

Match the transformer’s power cables and power supply’s power by colors. The green with green color, white to white and lastly, the black wires to black, then twist all the wires together. In addition, to hold the wires together well, twist the wire caps to the connections; more so, use electrical tape to wrap around the wire caps.

Step 4. Place another electrical junction box

You‘ll need to place the cover correctly by using a screwdriver to tighten the cover’s screws or by snapping the cover back to its place or position.

Step 5. Attach the chime and doorbell button’s wites to its screw terminals

Wrap the appropriate wires from the transformer around the doorbell button’s corresponding screw terminals. Then tighten the wires on the screw terminals into place using a screwdriver.

Bottom line

Installing the doorbell transformer tends to be a challenging task as it involves more electrical tasks. However, using the procedure above, you can successfully install the doorbell transformer.

How to wire a Doorbell button

A doorbell button is an essential component of the doorbell; thus, you’ll need to wire it carefully.

The following are important steps you need to consider when wiring the doorbell button.

Materials and products required.

● Screws
● Doorbell button
● Screwdriver

Stepwise procedure for wiring the doorbell button

Step 1. Locate the electric circuit and switch it off

Switch off the electric circuit before working on wiring the doorbell button. Switching off the power source will help prevent any cases of electric shock.

Step 2. Locate all the exterior wires, then attach them to the button

While installing the transformer and chime, you should have tapped some wires to the exterior wall.

You’ll need to get these wires and place them under screws on the new doorbell button plate.

The screws provide a place where you can attach the wires from the transformer.

After attaching the wires to the screws, tighten the wires using a screwdriver until they are firmly held into place.

Step 3. Locate the best place for the button and screw it to the location

After locating the best location for the button, gently ensure you push the button to the correct place on the door or external wall.

Ensure you firmly hold it to prevent the exposure of any wires. Then using a screwdriver, screw the button to the wall.

Step 4. Place a cover over the button’s plate

It’ll be good to consider the manufacturer’s instructions.

If the manufacturer advises you to cover the button with a plate it came with; It’ll be necessary to attach and cover the button’s plate.

Step 5. Test the doorbell

Once you have successfully wired the button, you can turn on the circuit breaker and test the doorbell. To ensure that the wiring was successful, you’ll hear the chime louder and clear when pressing the button.


● When screwing the button to the wall, ensure that no wires remain exposed.
● Always test the doorbell before screwing the button to the exterior wall.


For an effectively working doorbell, it’s good to get the proper wiring of the doorbell button.

Therefore, you can follow the above procedure to wire the doorbell button correctly.

How to wire a doorbell from a light switch

Most modern homes have doorbells placed close to the doorway. Whether you’re installing a new doorbell or replacing an old doorbell, wiring a doorbell from a light switch is pretty straightforward. Follow the steps below to wire a doorbell from a light switch.

Materials required for this job
• Wired doorbell
• Doorbell switch
• A light switch
• Screwdriver
• A larger two gang box

Installation procedure

Step 1
Locate where the power breaker is and switch off the power. Confirm whether the power is turned off by flipping the light switch near the doorway.

Important tip: You should be careful when wiring a doorbell from a light switch to avoid electrocution.

Step 2
Carefully remove the screws from the doorbell so that you can access the wiring connecting the doorbell.
Important tip: Don’t pull off the doorbell to avoid damaging the wires. Also, ensure you’ve placed the screws in a safe place to avoid losing them.

Step 3
Carefully disconnect the wires by using a screwdriver to remove the terminal screws holding the wires.

Step 4
Use a screwdriver to open the light switch box near the doorbell switch.

Step 5
Place a larger gang box in and split the lines. One line should go to the switch and the other cable to the doorbell.

Step 6
Wire the second wire to the ring so that you can have the required voltage output from the light switch.

Step 7
Next, connect the wires back to the terminals and use a screwdriver to tighten and secure the wires.
Note: The upper wire connects your doorbell to the light switch that provides power, and the lower wire connects the doorbell to the chimes that produce sound.

Once you place everything back into their places, switch on the power and press the doorbell button to check whether it’s working. You can consult an expert if you experience problems when connecting the wires.

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