How to Make Security Cameras in Minecraft

How to Make Security Cameras in Minecraft Overview

Minecraft gives you an endless playing field with limitless possibilities.

How to Make Security Cameras in Minecraft

You can build giant structures and cool items to share with your friends. But there is one hot item that everyone wants to know how to make:

Security cameras

This might seem like a difficult task at first, but you can actually achieve this with just a few steps. Pulse, there are no mods required for this! You can simply use the base game. Follow the below steps to learn how to make security cameras in Minecraft.

What You Need

First, let’s go over some materials you might need:

Camera Block

     You can’t build a security camera without a camera, after all. This is the block that you will see through once you have set up a position.

Name Tag

This will come in handy when you give it the same name as your camera block.

Armor Stand

You’ll use the armor stand as the point of reference for the camera to see out of.

How to Make Security Cameras in Minecraft

With these items ready, let’s get started!

How to Make Minecraft Security Cameras

Get ready to enter some console commands as you follow the steps to making your very own security camera or CCTV in Minecraft.

1. Name Your Camera and Name Tag

You should name each camera block before you place it. For example, you can have “cam1”, “cam2”, “cam3”, and so on. Make sure you rename each of your name tags to correspond with the names of your camera blocks. This is required for a later step!

2. Find Your Position

Find a position where you want to place your camera. Perhaps it should be placed near your front door, or inside of one of your buildings. Don’t put anything down yet.

3. Place Your Armor Stand

Put the armor stand as a placeholder in the position you want the camera to be.

Next, assign a name tag to that armor stand. If you are putting your first camera there, make sure you put the “cam1” name tag on the armor stand before putting the “cam1” block.

4. Place Your Camera Block

Once you have assigned the tag to the armor stand, it should look like your camera block.

Now you have a security camera attached to the position you want. You can use it to spy on others or keep watch over your hoard.

5. Look at Any Time!

Simply activate your camera block and you’ll immediately be able to look through the position you placed. This is a fast and easy way to place working security cameras around your property.

Enjoy Better Security in Minecraft!

It is easy to place your name tag and armor stand wherever you want in the Minecraft universe.

You can access the camera block to automatically look out of the camera’s position that you have placed.

How to Make Security Cameras in Minecraft

This is the best way to get security cameras set up all around your space. Now your Minecraft home will stay protected and you can surveil your surroundings whenever you want!

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