How to Reset Password DVR H264

How to Reset Password DVR H264 Overview


This is a popular question that the team for technical support often receive at their desk.

Therefore, you need to know that some DVRs generics do not follow instructions on how you can reset the password.

In case you have lost your H.264 DVR password, worry no more because this article will guide you through a few steps that will enable you to reset the password DVR h264.

Primary recommendation

Ensure that you go through the DVR h264 manual script to familiarize yourself with the instructions or even to contact the dealers of DVR’S.

How to Reset Password DVR H264

This is achievable if you have popular brands like Panasonic, Bosch, and Samsung.

Sometimes you can acquire a DVR with an unpopular brand and comes without a manual script and several technical supports.

Therefore, here are some steps you can reset password DVR h264. These include:

Step 1- Use the factory DVR default password

This is the first attempt in the reset of password DVR h264 recovery because, on several occasions, the original DVR password has not is inappropriate or altered.

As mentioned before, it is vital to go through the password list or manual script to determine the DVR model. Bear in mind that popular brands entail Dahua, Voyager as well as Swann.

Step 2-DVR generator password

They have the potential to produce a password for several DVRs to enable you to access the administrator.

You need to indicate the date on your DVR and press OK to acquire the new password.

If the DVR has a screen login, it probably uses a chip that functions with your DVR password generator.

How to Reset Password DVR H264

Therefore, you do not to connect your DVR to the computer; instead, you should observe the DVR screen to find the time as well as the date and have it as a password software generator.

Note that the DVR password generator only functions with definite chip models. However, it is not ideal for entire models in the industry

Step 3-DVR reset by upgrade firmware

DVRs are tools that contain an internal system of operating and get their protection through a password.

This system of operation is Linux. Manufacturer generates firmware for their customers to update their tools for perfect security as well as new features.

However, the update is not likely to do away with your existing password; on rare occasions, the firmware update can also reset to your factory default.

Thus, if your manufacturer happens to have this option, you can have a file downloaded from the website and locate it on the pen drive that is supposed to have a connection to the DVR.

After all this, you should restart your equipment to read the content available on the pen drive and then update your firmware as you reset your password to the default factory.

Step 4- The reset of DVR by battery removal clock reset to

A few types of DVR enable you to clock reset to factory default by battery removal for a minimal duration of minutes.

This process works perfectly well for Z-mode DVR and ancient Dahua DVR types.

How to Reset Password DVR H264

However, the removal of battery duration may seem to vary; technicians recommend you to at least wait for 6 minutes for fully discharging the card and DVR’s clock reset.

You must be wondering what will occur when the DVR battery runs off for some time and resumes back to the factory default date.

In case this happens, use the DVR generator password to generate a password that is new based on its date.

Ensure that the clock has gone back to the date that is old before you even attempt to put the password in use.

After the entire DVR resetting, place the original password that usually varies from every model.

Make sure that you switch off the power supply while working on the reset to avoid electrocution; this is to enhance your safety.


From the above information, you now have a clear understanding of how to reset DVR h264.

Therefore, it is upon you to choose and implement the best step to perfectly reset the DVR h264.

I hope that this article will keep you informed on how to reset the DVR h264. Cheers.

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