Night Owl Questions

Night Owl’s Default Password

Night Owl systems utilize the admin user name and password as the default login. This account has no default password. If you’re having difficulties logging in, try using the Forgot Password option on your DVR. If this does not result in the establishment of an email and a code for you, please contact support and a Night Owl Representative will assist you in establishing a new password.

The night owl app is not functioning correctly.

The Night Owl HD app may not be working correctly for you owing to a number of difficulties with your device or a problem with your internet connection.
There are a number of causes that might cause the load problem to arise in Android applications. It’s likely that the Night Owl HD app server is down, creating the loading problem. Please return in a few minutes. Your Wi-Fi / mobile data connection is currently not operational. Please double-check the status of your internet connection. The app is being utilized by an unusually large number of people at the same time. Please return in a few minutes.

The Night Owl DVR’s default password

The latest current Night Owl recorders’ default password is “nightowl.” You will be able to set the Administrator Password during the Start-up Wizard (the default Username for the Administrator Account is “admin”).

Are Night Owl Cameras a Good Buy?

There are other wireless security camera systems on the market, but Night Owl is one of the finest. The technique is suited for motion detection and video capture from that motion, but not for real-time video watching.- Night Owl’s Reset Button

Right-click the screen when the NVR is switched on to make the start bar (located at the bottom of the screen) visible (at the bottom of the screen)

• Select the main menu and sign in to your NVR account.
• Go to the Maintain tab and then choose Factory Default from the drop-down menu.
• Click Apply to save your changes after selecting All to return your NVR to its factory default settings.

  • Night Owl 8 Wireless Security Camera
  • This Night Owl wireless video security system has eight 1080p cameras with built-in two-way audio for simple communication with the program’s controllers.

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