Night Owl Security Camera Reviews Costco

night owl security camera reviews costco

Night owl security camera reviews Costco will give you some ideas about good Night owl security cameras.

If you are contemplating about getting a security system for your business or home, you may have various options to select from.

If you have been keeping an eye at the Night Owl Security cameras to guard your apartment, you indeed know that this review will be useful and it will inform you what to look out for when selecting security systems to safeguard your home.

Or, if you have been looking for security cameras with fail, continue reading this article to the latter to learn about the best features incorporated to the night owl security cameras.

Below is the night owl security camera reviews Costco. Click here to check out the security camera on Amazon.

Night Owl 8 Channel Security System Reviews

The first aspect you need to know is that you will be getting eight cameras to monitor your premises.

Night Owl Security Camera

This is typically more than what most property owners need to cover their premises, but it never disappoints to have all corners of the house covered.

The cameras integrate inferred night vision to see thirty-feet away into the dark.

Therefore, even if burglars use a cover of darkness to cover themselves, the camera possesses the ability to record all their moves.

The motion-sensitive cameras also record anything that moves although the user can program them to block out some motion if the cameras are positioned in a scene where the movement will happen.

By doing this, the user will be preventing the cameras from recording everything that occurs every minute.

The cameras are suitable for places where disturbances such as trees that sway in the wind may affect the cameras.

The good thing about the night owl camera is that one can monitor the cameras from any location in the world.

This is probably via the internet or your smartphone and can save you from distresses about your business or apartment while you are away.

It is also possible to view all the channels on a single screen and thus have a precise picture of what is happening at all times.

Additionally, the DVR possesses the ability to record up to a year on the basis of the quality settings, but you may realize that you do not need the massive storage the system comes with.

Five hundred GB is a lot, but it is always advisable to have excessive storage than run out of space at the wrong time and not catch an intruder.

Also, the simple interface incorporated in this system makes it easy and straightforward to locate the footage and is easy to use by the users who have little computer knowledge.

Below are some of the best Security cameras

ImageNamePriceKey FeaturesNight Vision (Yes/No)Weatherproof (Yes/no)
Night Owl Wireless Home Security Camera System with 4 AC Powered 1080p HD Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Digital IP Cameras with Night Vision (Expandable up tNight Owl Wireless Home Security Camera System with 4 AC Powered 1080p HDRead Full ReviewWith Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Digital IP Cameras with Night Vision (Expandable to 8 Wireless) 1 TB Hard Drive
Night Owl CCTV Video Home Security Camera System with 10 Wired 5MP HD Indoor/Outdoor Cameras with Night Vision (Expandable up to a Total of 16 Wired Cameras) and 2TB Hard DriveNight Owl CCTV Video Home Security Camera System with 10 Wired 5MP HDCheck Price Indoor/Outdoor Cameras with Night Vision (Expandable up to a Total of 16 Wired Cameras) and 2TB Hard Drive
Night Owl WM-861P-3MP 8 Channel 3MP Extreme HD Video Security DVR with 1 TB HDD and 6X 3MP Wired Infrared CamerasNight Owl WM-861P-3MP 8 Channel 3MP Extreme HD VideoRead Full ReviewCome Security DVR & 1 TB HDD and 6X 3MP Wired Infrared Cameras
Night Owl Security HD201-86P-B Video Security Camera DVR with 1 TB HDD & 6 x 1080pNight Owl Security HD201-86P-B Video Security CameraCheck Price Come with DVR & 1 TB HDD & 6 x 1080p Wired Infrared, White

Costco Security Cameras Reviews

night owl security

The security cameras from Costco are amazing, and the video is incredibly clear while the clarity is beyond astonishing.

The high definition quality of pictures you get from Costco security cameras is fantastic, and you can even record individuals’ faces as well as their license plates.

The lens surface may look small, but the amount of space in the panoramic view that a user gets is massively significant.

Hooking up the security camera with your smartphone is a walk in the park.

The audio is also impressive on the two audio cameras, and this makes it possible to hear when individuals say something or make comments clearly. Check out this cool camera on Amazon.

Now, if you are looking forward to upgrading your security camera system, the Costco security cameras are the real deal.

Costco Wireless Security Camera

 Security Camera Reviews Costco

Costco wireless security cameras are the best when it comes to installation, flexibility, and location.

The cameras can be situated anywhere in the range of the abilities of the wireless technology.

The mapping tools can be utilized in comparing the tags as well as trace the sites for all the captured things.

The wireless security camera is the latest evolution of the camera system.

There are several benefits you will get when using the wireless security camera.

The most notable benefit is the ability to be installed at any location. Cables do not affect wireless cameras regarding signal range.

Therefore, Costco cameras can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

The good thing is that one can install the cameras alongside a home’s computer network.

With a single hard drive space or sizeable hard drive, the Costco wireless cameras can save up weeks of recording.

The security systems depend on IP-based cameras where the camera system transfers data feed towards a web server projected for presentation by the authenticated users although various wireless security cameras integrate their individual server space.

The Costco Wireless cameras are proven to provide a high field of vision as well as an excellent range.

Lastly, the wireless cameras from Costco incorporate infrared LED light to provide them with an outdoor night vision that ascertains the elements are precisely recorded even when the light is low.

If the cameras are linked to a computer or TV, it is possible for the live feed on the security camera to be instantly recorded to a cassette, DVD or even a hard drive.

Therefore, if you have plans of installing wireless security cameras; consider acquiring one from Costco since they have some of the best easy to install and use wireless cameras in the market.

Night Owl Camera

night owl s

This camera offers users with some desirable video recording and surveillance features for a sensible price.

The DVR that accompanies this camera can store up to a year’s worth of video info on its large hard drive and gives the user access to his or her footage through a simple click interface.

It means that a standard computer user can monitor the system comfortably.

The camera is essential for both business and home use although it may be challenging because it needs one to run wires to connect it with the computer network to connect it to the internet.

Therefore, it will be helpful of you to plan where you are going to install your cameras before purchasing them since you will require running wires to the security cameras which can be challenging if they are in tight spots such as an attic.

A desirable feature about these cameras is that they incorporated a motion sensor and inferred night vision of over thirty feet.

It means that the cameras will only record when they detect any form of movement.

Costco Night Owl Wireless

wireless camera

Monitor your property or business with this wireless Costco night owl video security system. The camera system boasts full high definition cameras with over a hundred feet night vision range as well as inbuilt 2-way audio for instant communication.

It also has a massive storage system. With these cameras, the user receives movement-detection notifications that comprise recorded footage.

For widescreen viewing, the security system contains 1080p cameras to record high-resolution videos.

The camera boasts a viewing angle of up to a hundred degrees to offer excellent security at all times.

Another thing is that with smartphone connectivity or high-speed internet, it is possible to playback real-time video displays of up to 1080p.

The last thing is that surveillance is at your hands since you can view what is happening remotely by using a downloadable free Night Owl X application on your smartphone.

Costco Night Owl 5mp

Night Security Camera

Safeguard your home with this state of the art camera that boasts Patent-Pending dual sensor technology.

The Costco night owl camera utilizes both passive infrared sensors and pixel detection to determine motion.

It is notable that false motion recordings and alerts are significantly lowered up to 90% since both motion and heat are detected concurrently.

With the camera, you will be able to recognize real movement from vehicles, people, as well as animals.

It ascertains that you are made aware of the threats that pose the hugest risk to your world, and you, without having to assess via unwanted recordings.

The good thing is that the pack integrates two weather-resistant outdoor/indoor cameras that output five megapixels of video resolution and are infused in the dual sensor technology.

Besides, it is possible to record in the full-color video even in low-light settings.

When the light dims, the cameras offer clear and crisp video in full-color only swapping to the Night Vision when needed. Indeed, it is a new invention for your home security.

Q-see Costco

This Q-see system offers full 1080p high definition actual recording and ultra-smooth playback enabling one to see every detail for your security requirements.

Forensic inspection has been simplified with such clear and crisp image precision and quality.

The 1080p HD resolution enables you to zoom in on a precise area, a person as well as a license plate.

Security Camera

The passive infrared technology incorporated in this system takes motion detection to the next level by significantly lowering false motion alerts and inaccuracies to ascertain your security is at the top.

With this technology, the motion is detected via the heat of a person or objects and thus enhances the effectiveness and accuracy of motion generated alerts.

The PIR heat-sense motion detection is indeed the next big thing in offering you a security advantage.

With the Q-see, you can also record in the dark. The cameras can see up to a hundred feet in dim light.

Therefore, if you want to capture evidence of prospective vandalism, theft or optional activity that happen in dim light, this is the gadget to purchase.

The system also incorporates an audio-video rated hard drive.

The AV-rated hard disks are projected to sustain the demanding requirements of continuous recording for greater video retention.

The recorded data is improved for reduced frame loss as well as for optimal digital surveillance performance.

Apart from the cameras being water-resistant, one can also monitor a home or business from the comfort of a tablet or smartphone.

Lastly, setting up the system is easy thanks to the Q-see on-screen startup wizard.

After turning the system for the first time, the startup wizard will assist in setting up the system in no time. The camera installation is a walk in the park.

The whole setup procedure can be completed straight away from your mobile device by using the QR code assisted setup.

With the addition of mounting options and the integrated Wi-Fi enabled IP camera, installing and mounting the cameras has never been more appropriate.

Q-see’s Wi-Fi solutions offer more flexibility and extra precision for all your security requirements.

Night Owl 8 Channel DVR 4 Camera 5mp Security System

night owl sec

This 5MP (2560 X 1944) extreme HD cameras offer stunning image quality that every homeowner craves for. With these radical high definitions, you will see complex details with much better clarity and notice threats with accuracy.

If your present system does not offer the security cover that you require, enjoy your peace of mind by purchasing these cameras.

The good thing is that you can capture full-color video even in low light settings with this camera system.

As the scene gets much dimmer, the camera will continue recording video in full color without compromising any details.

The camera is enabled to capture crisp color images as the light dims either inside or outside by the low light sensors.

The camera swaps to black and white night vision mode when it gets dark ascertaining that the details and quality of the image are always well-kept.

The Night owls’ patent-pending dual sensor invention eradicates the number of false alerts received by over 90 percent.

Unlike other typical security systems that transmit notifications, each time motion is detected, the heightened detection technology possessed by this camera focuses on things that present more of a threat.

It is possible to set the detection area of the camera to monitor specific regions, and you will get an actual update directly on your tablet or smartphone when the camera detects motion to change or heat in the selected zone.

Night Owl Camera Features

night owl security camera

The camera’s infrared cameras offer up to a hundred feet of night vision.

At daytime, the camera displays in full-color high definition while it enters the black and white mode during the night.

Whichever method that is in use, the cameras will always display the clear five-megapixel image that you need.

Additionally, the cameras are intended for both outdoor and indoor usage.

These cameras are indeed weather resistant and can sustain dirt debris and moisture.

Integrated with a three-axis vandal-proof mounting bracket, the cable runs straight via the center of the bracket into the ceiling or wall, preventing any exposure that could attract prospective intruders.

If you are looking for a security camera that is affordable and does not incorporate monitoring fee as well as other hidden costs for your office or home, Night owl cameras are the real deal.

Top 3 Security cameras 

Full Review of Sannce Wireless Security Camera System on Amazon

Wireless security systems are hugely popular all over the world as they provide excellent protection and reliable surveillance of the property.

One of the most effective systems is the Sannce wireless security camera system which is highly effective and very easy to install.

You can minimize the damage on the walls since the cameras do not include video cables. Only a power adapter is needed. The installation is easy, and the effects are quite exceptional.

You get 4 expandable 960p cameras that provide crisp footage and great monitoring features. You can see all the small details in great colors and HD resolution.

Smart motion detection built in the cameras track all kinds of motion around the place so that you can be accurately informed about the slightest change in previously determined areas of your property.

The free viewing app called “Sannce Sight” is available for download, which makes constant monitoring possible.

Key Features of Sannce Wireless Security Camera System

• Weatherproof metal housing protects lenses in extreme temperatures (-4F to 140F) and harsh weather conditions

• Stable connection to the NVR avoids camera system interference with other devices on your network

• Wi-Fi antenna extends the signal so that the interruption of transmission is hugely minimized

• The easy-to-use app allows you to watch live videos and record footage on your device


• Smart and wireless system with Wi-Fi coverage

• Customizable motion detection regions

• The automatic pairing of cameras with NVR system


• Cables for surveillance extension should be more durable

Final Thoughts

Apart from extension cables that need to be sturdier, this Sannce wireless security camera system provides complete support in your daily monitoring of your property. Crisp and high definition footage will give you complete coverage.

If you are searching for the quality security system without any wires and hard installations, go for the Sannce system. You’ll be able to install it easily and watch the situation around your place at every moment.

Full Review of the Lorex Security System on Amazon

If you are searching for a reliable camera system for your home or business environment, you should consider the Lorex security system.

It comes with 6 cameras of 8MP and 88-degree of view. Live videos allow you to have record footage of 2TB on your data storage. Weatherproof features can withstand a wide range of temperatures, all the way from 30 (-22) to 60 (140).

During the night and in circumstances of lower visibility, the cameras provide up to 40m visibility, which is better than the industry standard. Cameras have a metal housing and strong construction against breakage and vandalism.

It is very difficult to break the cameras or remove them inadequately. You can install the Lorex Secure app on your tablet or phone to have the ultimate tracking of all events around your property.

Key Features of Lorex:

• Ultra HD resolution with optimum viewing angles and real-time footage

• Color Night Vision (CNV) technology offers full recognition of people and objects in nighttime and low-light conditions

• Connection with 4K TVs gives you complete 4K viewing resolution with 1080p

• Easy installation is possible thanks to a single all-in-one cable that secures Ethernet ports inside the system

• Weatherproof protection is effective in harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures

• 2TB of local storage space provides up to 30 days of recording in standard resolution and frame rate


• Great viewing angles

• Improved night vision

• Strong metal housing


• Customer service should be more responsive

Final thoughts

The Lorex security system is the ultimate solution for people who need extra control over the house or office.

Good framing options and large viewing potential give you confidence in every situation. All of the 6 cameras are great for daily use as well as night assistance.

Your property will be under control with the app that you can install on your iOS or Android device, which makes it possible for you to watch the situation around the place in every moment.

Review of Swann 8 Channel 8 Camera 5MP Super HD DVR Security System on Amazon


The Swann 8 Channel 8 Camera 5MP Super HD DVR Security System | 2TB HDD, offers real-time playback and live viewing.

Every channel can be configured separately, so one can choose the perfect frame rate, length of video, and resolution to watch what is happening.

With the Swann system, one can view what is happening in real-time life. People can view what is happening from their tablets and smartphones. This feature makes security more accessible and comprehensive.

Unique features:

• It offers live viewing and full HD playback at 1080HD
• It contains 8 cameras that can make HD videos.
• It can record up to 120 days from 8 channels on 2 TB hard drive.
• Videos can be transferred from USB and network.
• It offers peer to peer connections.
• one can view videos on the smartphone by using the Swann view app.
• It has 2 TB drive and power cable,8 cameras, USB mouse.


• Excellent video quality
• 8 channels
• Large storage up to 2TB available
• Smartphone and tablet compatible
• It comes with the Swann view software.
•It offers heat & motion-sensing features.


• Poor performance in the night and in the dim light.
• Noisy DVR fan
• NO WIFI (built-in)
• It does not support cloud storage.

Bottom line: In the brief, If you want a high-quality full HD security camera with large storage and mobile compatibility.

Then the Swann security camera can a good choice for you. It offers great video quality and accessibility to users. Its performance in dim light or at night is not good.

However, the overall performance of this camera system is above average. In my opinion, it is a good product that fulfills the needs of the customers.

Its high-end features make it a great choice for those who want 8 channel full HD security cameras at affordable prices.


You can either opt for the wired or wireless option depending on your requirements and budget.

Check out best cheap home security cameras on Amazon

However, the wireless cameras are recommendable because a user will not have to run wires from the central station on the house to the camera in order to access the video feed.

The wireless technology will inevitably save you installation costs since you will not be needed to drill holes in the walls or run cables.

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