Raspberry Pi Security Camera Software

Raspberry Pi Security Camera Software is one of the best security software available in the market. In this article, you will learn more about this software.

The Raspberry organization originally developed a single-board computer-based in the United Kingdom.

It was used to aid students in undertaking computer science courses in schools. It was mainly concentrated in developing countries.

The main objective of this initiative was charity and education purposes. Over time the organization has been able to develop more gadgets and beat the ever-rising technology companies through CEO Eben Upton. He has been able to give a good kick to the sales of their products. As of 2018, the projected 19 million in sales of gadgets and software. Check out the best cheap security cameras on Amazon here

Furthermore, the Raspberry organization further sweetened the deal by developing camera software. Which supports python and scratch as the main programming languages. It also supports other languages and specialized media center distributions.

Also, the Raspabian is Linux-based but it also supports third-party operating systems such as Windows 10, Ubuntu, NetBSD, FreeBSD, and many others. The specialized distributions include Kodi media center and classroom management too.

The list of the Linux-based integration with this PI security camera software is endless as it is compatible with various user-friendly operating systems.

Some are ultra-weight operating systems for instance the Daylight Linux and others require extra RAM to run with ease. A good example is the Slackware version 13.37 which requires an additional 48MB of RAM to perform tasks properly.

Raspberry PI security camera server

Raspberry Pi Security

Raspberry has made it possible to build a camera server just by ordering a shipment. The type of equipment that you will need to build a PI security server includes Raspberry PI inclusive of the operating system and an 8 GB SD card.

In the shipment a screen and its peripherals will be added, a Raspberry PI Ethernet cable, WIFI dongle, and the infrared cameras preferably the PI camera NOIR.

Be sure to turn off the Raspberry PI and also when plugging the Raspberry’s camera blue ribbon be careful to avoid static electricity. You can access the blue ribbon by unclipping the plastic white part so that you can plug the ribbon part of the camera.

Then mount the USB, mouse, screen, Ethernet, and the SD card which contains the Raspberry Operating system. After this sequence of events, the raspberry logo is visible on your camera.

Once your Raspberry Pi and WIFI dongle are powered on together with your PI screen, you can now go ahead and choose the ideal resolution for your videos.

Selecting high definition resolution might lag when the internet connection goes down and especially when you have installed motion software to your Raspberry Pi. You can now go ahead and test your camera server and make the necessary adjustments and configurations on your WI-FI.

Raspberry PI IP camera stream

For your camera to effectively stream videos and images, you need to run the Sudo and Nano network configuration on your PI. The next command will be to input your Wi-Fi and SSID password. After that, you can now reboot the whole system. Thereafter you can obtain your IP address, and the go-ahead to test your camera. At this juncture, you should be able to stream your videos with the help of your home Wi-Fi.

Raspberry PI Zero security camera

Raspberry Pi Security

This security camera company continues to wow gadget lovers by providing an improved camera that can be mounted on a glass window. The Raspberry Pi Zero security camera enables the camera mounting with a zero view by using the Pi Hut.

This helps you base it anywhere even on a glass window. It is Motion Eye Os enabled and is easily configured to suit your surveillance needs. After successful installation, you can sense motions, video streaming of 50% in addition to still images and movies. Read more about the pi camera here.

All these benefits come with an upgrade of a 16 GB micro SD card, a power supply of 5 Volts, Pi camera mount, camera ribbon cable, and finally the Raspberry Zero W camera.

Raspberry Pi surveillance DVR

Raspberry has made it possible to build a cost-friendly DVR surveillance system. This can be made possible by the incorporation of the Raspberry PI board computer, Xeoma, and a simple IP camera. Before the commencement of this process, you need to install the Pi security camera software on the computer board.

Then follow the commands downloads of the Xeoma ARM version. Make sure the Xeoma is on and if it is successfully installed the password for the remote access should be visible on the system. You can now proceed and configure your surveillance system with the Raspberry Pi board.

Raspberry security camera kit

The IlumIPI kit is the best so far as it operates on 5-60 V and up to 5 Amps. This kit also comes with 8 AA size case and their batteries. The batteries’ voltage is 1.5 at 0.25 Amps and anything short of the translated 2 Amps is most likely to disappoint the performance of this kit definitely.

Raspberry PI security camera webcam

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry PI security camera webcam is as effective as the Raspberry PI surveillance cameras. They also come with the added advantage of motion detectors, live streaming of videos, recording, and multi-camera functionality.

Moreover, the Raspberry PI security camera software makes it easy to run the operating system on compatible gadgets. The recommended type of equipment to build a dedicated webcam includes a Raspberry USB camera or Raspberry Pi camera.

If you are using the older version of the camera it’s recommended you use the Ethernet cable, SD card, and security camera software. A USB, HDMI cable, and mouse are optional in the achievement of this task.

Raspberry Pi security camera case

Building a dedicated Raspberry PI security camera like a professional is very easy. You need to utilize the Raspberry PI security camera and their security camera kit.

They designed it specifically to accommodate their diversified camera models. The Raspberry Pi security camera case is durable and is able to shield the camera through adverse weather changes. The materials used to build them are strong and also very spacious to accommodate any camera model.

This helps to ease any kind of movement in any preferred direction. Upgrade your surveillance by using these security gadgets.


To sum up, this software as you can see through the article is capable to handle most of your security camera needed.

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