Ring vs Vivint (Which one should I Pick?)

Comparison between Vivint and Ring (Ring vs Vivint)

Ring and Vivint are both significant providers of smart home security systems. Ring vs Vivint (Which one should I Pick?)

Generally, they both offer reliable, respectable services as well as quality devices.

Regardless of their similarities, Ring and Vivint are specifically different when it comes to packages, contracts, and pricing.

Ring vs Vivint (Which one should I Pick_)

Besides, every home security company provides competitive features such as the latest home automation devices, the capability to customize someone’s security system, and 24/7 professional monitoring to fit our family and home needs.

However, Vivint is more involved in clients’ support because of its smart home layout assistance, professional installation, and in-home support.

In comparison, Ring is a bit more flexible due to its setup (DIY). Besides, it would help if you had a supportive guide to easily understand between the Ring and Vivid to avoid making the wrong option.

Luckily, below is a comprehensive guide to help you to understand the compassion between the two.

1. Costs

(a) Vivint

Vivint requires around a 5-year contract in many cases. This means once we purchase this equipment outright, your contract length will be a bit shorter.

This five-year Flex pay warranty is utilized when we select to finance our equipment. In essence, the packages range between 700 1800 dollars.
However, based on the specific package we select, someone might be capable of paying about 1 dollar per month.

Generally, the prices tend to increase with each particular box. The starter kits comprise motion detectors, keypad, entry sensors as well as environmental sensors.

Both their equipment comes with a lifetime warranty. Further, Vivint encourages potential consumers to request a helpful quote through their specific website or preferably calling their main toll-free number.

(b) Ring

On the other side, the Ring doesn’t need professional monitoring or contract, although it is easily accessible.

This Ring’s home security system is specifically purchased upfront. You will find Ring at affordable prices like 150 dollars at a significant number of retail outlets.

Further, someone can also purchase it right from Ring.com. Besides, these starter kits comprise motion sensors, keypad, entry sensors where they come with an option to buy additional items a la carte.

Specifically, these things include the main video doorbell viewer and other related devices designed for home automation. Virtually, someone can sign up for the professional monitoring for about 100 dollars if they decide to pay for the whole year upfront.

2. Monitoring

(a) Vivint

Vivint provides two useful professional monitoring options. Besides, with a main Basic home plan, someone can get environmental and burglary protection for29.99 dollars a month.

However, this does not comprise the user’s cost.
For example, once you purchase both environmental and burglary protection together with the home automation feature, the entire cost will probably be 39.99 dollars per month plus the financing cost.

(b) Ring

When we come to ring, it is designed to get monitored by the renter or homeowner.

However, if someone could prefer better, select their Ring Protect together with play and plan for your services throughout the year for less than 100 dollars.

Ring vs Vivint (Which one should I Pick_)

3. Installation

(a) Vivint

Vivint will require a professional installation for it to work and operate efficiently.

(b) Ring

In essence, the Ring is designed to get installed by the renter or homeowner effectively. Besides, the starter kit is delivered with easy-to-follow guidelines.

Further, there are active YouTube videos accessible that will walk the user through the installation process.

4. Features

(a) Vivint

Vivint comprises numerous and famous features, including the capability of accessing your security system via their straightforward-to-use app and full home automation.

The environmental hazard detection, motor sensors, 100 percent wireless equipment, video surveillance (out and inside), and video doorbell, the option for landline or cellular connectivity are among the few of Vivint’s beneficial features.

(b) Ring

The Ring is preferred to be useful and excellent for its video doorbell with active two-way communication. In essence, Ring provides many similar features with more enhanced home security systems such as indoor security cameras, home automation, a downloadable app.

This allows the user to complete the access of your network from any location and the capability to integrate third-party devices effectively.

5. Packages and Equipment

(a) Vivint

If you buy home security either from Vivint or Ring, you can get the right base station, keypad. Generally, Vivint provides a sleek seven inches touchscreen, window/door sensors.

Further, someone can purchase cameras separately from Vivint and Ring. Also, you can effectively customize camera types, angles, and locations as you require.

(b) Ring

The Ring is approved to take the cake in terms of home surveillance and security cameras. Virtually, Ring provides five helpful types of doorbell cams and peephole cam that are great for many apartments.

Further, someone can also select from Ring’s outdoor and indoor cameras. However, they are recommended to be both best.

Ring vs Vivint (Which one should I Pick_)


To sum up, it fair to say that Vivint is an excellent option for homeowners and individuals who want a technologically enhanced home security system with whistles and bells.

Besides, this is a bit expensive compared to many home security systems though it offers a much higher convenience and security level. Check out best security cameras deals on Amazon

On the other hand, a ring is a perfect selection if someone is renting his/her home or preferably preferring to be a bit hands-on like a homeowner. Further, it is cost-effective for individuals who might want to buy their systems upfront without financing. Generally, Ring provides both video doorbell and home automation for added convenience at an affordable cost.

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