How to Secure Your Home without an Alarm

How to Secure Your Home without an Alarm will give some tips, so you can secure your home easily.

Home security is a very crucial issue that many homeowners face from time to time.

Security of a home affects many families in different ways and if not properly addressed it can cause loss of property.

To prevent intruder break-ins, strong measures have to be undertaken to prevent the occurrences of such situations.

How to Secure Your Home without an Alarm will provide you with valuable tips to secure home properly.

How to Secure Your Home without an Alarm

Most of the times people think that protecting your home is quite a complicated and very expensive thing project.

Protecting your home is an important thing to do.

Therefore, if you really want to keep your home safe you need to understand that there are easy and cheap ways to keep your home protected without an alarm.

Burglaries can happen anytime, it’s therefore, important to take precautions during the day.

At night, and every time you leave the house in order to ensure your home is always secure.

You should never gamble with the security of your property.

There are plenty of ways that you can secure your home from burglary and this article is actually a guide on the cheap ways to keep your home protected.

Ten Cheap Ways to Burglar Proof Your Home

1. House Traps for Burglars

Using house traps is a great way to protect your home from burglars or any other intruder with malicious intentions.

These house raps are less expensive and not lethal but they are very effective in keeping your home secure in the event of emergency situations.

Here are several house traps that are effective in protecting your home.


Trip wires are very simple, cheap and very effective house traps.

Tripwires are readily available at the Army-Navy Surplus stores. Alternatively, you may want to make yours using a fishing line.

It is very easy to keep intruders away from your home, you lonely need to lay out some even rocks at the base of the tripwire several feet forward.

You can also attach some cans or bells to your trip wires, which act like simple alarms and they will alert you when an intruder is moving forward on your property.

-Nail Board Traps

This is very easy and very effective. You only need to get several boards, a hummer and a bunch of nails.

Ensure that the nail heads are flush with the board and then lay the nail boards out. Intruders are likely to step them thus keeping them away.

– Flash Bang

The flashbang is very effective when they are motion activated.

You need to up some motion detectors around your home. And then connect it with simple circuits that will produce bright lights and loud noise.

When the intruder triggers the circuit, there will be a sudden bright light. And the loud noise that will definitely scare the intruder.

2. Make a Homemade Burglar Alarm

Home without an Alarm

It is easy to make a homemade burglar alarm that can scare off an intruder effectively.

You only need to have electrical tape, buzzer, clothespin or a chip clip, two paper chips, connecting wires with varying lengths, 9-volt battery, and a battery holder.

Also, you need to start by building a switch by taping the two paper clips and then attaching a wire from the battery to one paper clip another wire from the other clip to the buzzer.

You can place cardboard between the chip clips so that when it is yanked it will produce a sound.

You can place it on your door so that when the intruder tries to open the door it will yank the cardboard and it will sound.

3. Theft Deterrent Door Mats

Using a theft deterrent doormat is one great way to take proper precautions to keep your house safe.

Such a mat can help prevent a burglary before it even starts. These mats can help send burglars away from your property.

The mat is durable and can be easily cleaned with just a few shakes.

4. Improve your landscape

As a homeowner, you need to be very mindful of the back of the front yards of your property.

This calls for trimming the front and backyard in order to avoid overgrown plants. Since they can provide some covers to intruders if they decide to hide out on your property.

Make sure that you have thinned out the hedges and other vegetation such that the door and the windows are clear.

If a lawn is left unattended to, it can attract burglars to your property. Hiring someone to mow your lawn is wise.

5. Install low-level dusk till dawn a light

The dusk till dawn lights will increase the visibility of your compound as well as deter burglars from your property.

These lights are very affordable can be bought from your local electronic shops.

Intruders will always feel that there are people in the house who are always alert. Therefore, they will not attempt to try to sneak into your house.

The lights generally help prevent burglary before it happens, so be sure to invest in them to burglar-proof your house.

6. Close and lock all doors and windows

Burglars can access your house either through the door or the window. Locking all your doors and windows can enhance the security of your home.

You can acquire some special kinds of locks that can be used to lock the windows.

Lock up the garage too. Locking will ensure your house is secured when you are sleeping, so make use of your locks.

7. Automatic Timers

Automatic timers are one of the easiest home security options. That you can add to your home to ensure the security of your property.

Lights can be an effective way to show your presence even when you are not at home or when you are sleeping.

Burglars will get scared when they see the lights in your house.

8. Pan ahead of your vacation

Burglars can take advantage of your absence to rob your house. And this will make away with valuables without anyone realizing.

Before going for your vacation, you need to properly plan how you will leave your house safe.

You can choose to have your neighbor pick up your newsletter and mail when you are not around.

Alternatively, you can choose to temporarily stop your mail until when you will be back from your vacation.

Having your mail picked up someone or temporarily stopping the mails will prevent mails or newsletters piling up on your driveway.

If burglars see piled up mails on your driveway they will definitely detect.

That you are away and they can take that as a good opportunity to break into your house.

9. Acquire a guard dog

A dog is a great pet, but it can also be a great security for your home.

There are those dogs that can attack an intruder and there are those that will not attack but the will bark.

Barking alone is an alarm that will alert you when someone is approaching your house.

You might also want to get the trained dogs than being threating to intruders.

Putting up the ‘beware of dog’ sign on your fence is also a great idea and it really doesn’t matter if you have a dog or not.

It will keep intruders away from your house.

10. Fake an alarm system

Putting up a signboard that states you have an alarm system are a great way to keep intruders away from your house.

You don’t have to buy a real alarm system. You only need a signboard and put it on your fence where people can see it.

How to burglar proof your windows
Burglars can come in through the windows.

Burglar proofing your windows is an effective way to keep your house safe from intruders.
* Locks: You can burglar-proof your windows by installing additional locks and some resistant glass.

Burglars will find it hard to access your house through the windows if you have installed special locks that are hard to open.

*Bright lights: You can install bright floodlights on your windows as you do over your doors. Bright light will keep burglars away from your house.

*Install grilles: Installing grilles on your windows can help make it difficult for burglars to get into your house.

Intruders can break the glass but the won’t break the metal grilles.

Therefore for maximum protection, you should install hard metal grilles that have small spaces.

*Use tinted glass: Most of the times, burglars will tend to look through the glass to see what is in your house before robbing.

By having tinted glass on your windows, burglars will just keep on guessing what is in your house and to some great extent reduce the chance of breaking into your house.

How to burglar proof your apartment
An apartment can be an easy target for burglars.

However, you can secure your apartment and your valuables in the following simple ways:

  • Keep your apartment locked up: Locking your doors and windows is always a great way to keep your apartment protected from burglars.

It will be difficult for burglars to get into your apartment.

  • Use some motion detectors: You can use the wireless motion detectors and also cameras that will help you keep an eye on your valuables in your apartment.

How do I protect my home from intruders?

How to Secure Your Home without

This is a question that many homeowners and tenants ask themselves. In the bid to improve home security, certain factors have to be considered.

An intruder can harm you and your family, in addition to stealing your belongings. Thus understanding how they think is a key component in home security.

Thinking like an intruder is the first step in securing your home to a standard level. Ideally, intruders take action in three main ways.

They gain access to your home through uncontrolled access points. For instance through cracked windows, non-functional door locks, and balcony doors.

They also take advantage of dark areas in your home while looking for entry points. Another factor is their timing in executing their destructive plans for your family and your valuable property.

How can I secure my home?

How to Secure

By ensuring that all entrances to your house are always locked is an effective measure in preventing home intrusion.

Making sure all doors and windows permitting entrance to your home are properly locked especially at night will prevent break-ins.

Not only should they be locked but the locks should also be in a good working condition. Weak locks on doors and windows provide weak resistance to intruders.

By reinforcing the locks of the main entrance doors with added padlocks will surely ward off intruders. Double- locking of main entrances can provide the best security needed for your home.

How can security be improved?

Proper lighting in vantage points in the house will assure you and your family the best security that is needed. Keeping in mind that intruders find it ideal to rob in the dead of the night.

This is so because they find it easier to gain access to your home, successfully exiting your home unnoticed. They are also not easily seen if they get caught as visibility is almost zero.

So by setting up bright lights at specific points around your home with an emphasis on the main entrance will maximize security.

How to secure your home from intruders

How to Secure Your H

Trimming off bushes around your home can also improve the security status of your home.

Not only is the landscaping of nearby bushes effective towards security improvement, but also creates a safe and pristine environment.

In actual sense, shrubby entrances and walkways provide temporary refuge for intruders to access your house via the slightly cracked windows.

If they get caught by accident, the nearby place for an intruder to hide is the bushy hedges and walkways.

Regular trimming of these areas automatically rips off the quick hiding place for intruders to take advantage of when invading your home.

Through limiting status updates on social media platforms is also another tactic that can be essential. Intruders can get a lot of information from your social media interactions with your friends.

The kind of information that they can utilize include your photos on social platforms and any upcoming events such as parties.

It is tempting to refrain from updating your virtual friends that you are having the best time on your vacation but it is necessary to prevent burglaries.

This is so because intruders use the information posted in social media that homeowners are not around.

They use this opportunity to plan and intrude your home and also give them enough time to steal your possessions.

The photos posted on social media give a detailed map of your home thus making it easy for the intruder to point out weak areas they can enter from.

It is therefore recommended to limit your status updates and photos as part of making our homes safer.

A dog can help to protect your home

Getting yourself a pet dog is also a tactful approach to fortifying your home security. Homes that have dogs are less likely to be robbed because the dog barks deterring the intruder from gaining access.

Construction of locks in unrecognizable positions is also another tactical and effective security measures that can be undertaken.

Making locks in such a way that they are hidden and not accessible easily from outside can achieve top-notch home security.

Double locking of windows and doors can also be an effective barrier to intruders. Before they break the second lock it is going to take them a lot of time and power.

Therefore in this way makes it difficult for intruders to get into houses with double locked doors and windows.

Further reinforcement of doors by placing plywood on entrance doors prevents intruders from getting in.

This can work best during night time because most of the theft operations take place at night when everyone is asleep.

Installing grills on tinted windows can help a lot in hiding your possessions without being marked as a burglary target. Tinted glass windows provide poor visibility from outside thus making it difficult for intruders to know where the safes are.

Proper disposal of garbage in closed garbage cans can also be used as a burglar preventive measure.

Intruders targeting to rob homeowners usually have an idea of the brand and make of electronics in the house from the boxes disposed of in the garbage cans.

An intruder can easily know the price of your TV or any other electronic you recently acquired.

Thus disposing the boxes in a broken state and placing it in a closed garbage bin will prevent the intruder to know that you have a brand new electronic.

Burglars proof your home without spending a dime.

How to Secure Your Home

Building rapport with your neighbors goes a long way in cost-effective security measure that can be used in your home.

This can be done through set-up community watches in the neighborhoods participated by fellow neighbors.

Through these watches, neighbors are able to know when one of them is away on a trip or gets home late. If you are away, letting your neighbors help you by them visiting your home during varied times and daily collection of mailings.

Pilling up of uncollected letters in the letterbox which is visible to passersby will automatically tell the intruders that no one is home.

Another trick to suggest that homeowners are around is by setting timers to power on TV in your absence. This is an old age trick that most people use to warn intruders that the house is occupied.

Timer setting of living room lights will create an illusion that the house is occupied thus discouraging intruders to invade.

How to protect your home from invasion?

How to Secure Your Ho

Security alarms strategically installed on windows is also a smart approach to reducing incidences of burglary.

Installing alarms all over the house forgetting the window panes can make access to the house easy to intruders.

The emphasis of security alarm systems on doors is much more effective if they are also installed on the windows.

For the sake of beauty purposes and home protection, thorny flowers can be planted around the house to limit access.

Flowers like roses have thorns on their stems which play an important role in pricking anyone with the intention of a security breach. The security of your home is fortified by the use of this landscaping method.

Bright floodlights strategically placed at vantage points such as the main entrance, or garage is ideal in ensuring maximum home security.

Pathways that are dimly lit will offer a suitable environment for burglars to gain access in the home.

Setting up video cameras on specific places is also an improved tactic in handling security issues effectively.

Video cameras can capture all events that have transpired during the day, therefore, making it faster to identify any security abnormalities.

Together with security cameras, the locks on doors and windows can also be secured with an alarm too. This can help a lot in preventing unwanted or unknown people into your home without your knowledge.

This can also be effective in the vetting of real technicians from cons as some of them pose as service delivery guys. This security system can capture undocumented faces and also trigger an alarm if need if the need for it arises.

Theft-deterrent doormat

How to Secure Your

Theft-deterrent doormat is also another unique way to tackle intruders in your home.

This doormat looks just like a regular doormat but it has an adhesive top layer coating similar to rodent traps.

The adhesive nature of the mat will give the intruder a hard time in effecting their plan as it sticks on intruder’s body surface.

People who use this type of burglar proof technique usually find their belongings untouched except for the doormat which is mostly found wrinkled.

Once the intruder steps on this 8kg adhesive mat they will have a hard time entangling themselves from the 1m by 1.5m mat size.

The more they wiggle their bodies out if it the more it sticks on their body, therefore, discouraging thieves from commencing with their plan.

How to stop burglars from targeting your home?

By minimizing showing off your property and pricey possession to anyone visiting your home will be a great way in reducing the burglar’s rate to target your home. Keeping expensive valuables in a strong safe mostly in hidden areas can help maintain a high standard of security in your home.

Another way of minimizing the potential of intruders to target your home is by ensuring well-vetted visitors are the only ones visiting you.

You may not be able to know for sure who is watching or has ill intentions of robbing your property so giving access to specific people will help achieve the sought after security levels.

Knowing how to secure your windows without using bars or grills can offer security comfort in your home. Tinted and strong glass windows can replace regular glass windows so as to make sure that they are not easily tampered with.

There are strong glass materials available in the market and if properly installed they can help a lot in minimizing security breaches.

Is it legal to set traps in your home to hinder home invasion?

Some traps are considered illegal on selected state and country. It all comes down to the severity of the injury caused by these traps.

It is illegal to set up lethal traps even if you are protecting your home or property.

Harmless traps like the theft deterrent doormats are considered legal reason being it has no severe complication if an intruder gets trapped on it.

Meshing your front door with strong strings is also considered as a legal security measure that homeowners can use. On the other hand, trigger trapping your window with a shotgun trip wire is considered illegal and you can be jailed if found violating the rule.

If the intruder gets shot in the process the homeowner is liable for the damage caused and can be prosecuted in the court of law.

Depending on the severity of the injury caused by the trap the consequences of using a type of security measure is taken into consideration in the court of law.

If in the process the trap gets the intruder red-handed in the act safely then it is not legal to use it. It is entirely another case if the intruder gets shot or killed in some cases, then the law is not going to be lenient on the homeowner.

4 Clever Ways to Keep Burglars Away for Free

We live in a dangerous world today. There are plenty of criminals lurking around, and you just never know when you are going to be their next victim.

This is why security should be a top priority for your house. Security systems can be very expensive. But don’t let this hinder you, because there are a lot of free ways to burglar-proof your home.

(1 ) Lock Your Doors and Windows

This might seem obvious, but too many people today don’t do this. If you live in a safe neighborhood, this can easily slip your mind.

But burglars strike us when we least expect them to, so stay vigilant. Make sure that your doors and windows are always locked whenever you are asleep or not around.

(2) Get to Know Your Neighbors

Knowing who lives around you is so important. This is not only so you know who you can trust, but also because your neighbors can be great for watching your house.

When you’re close to your neighbors, they are going to alert you of any suspicious activity going on when you’re not around.

(3) Scare Burglars Away

If you have a dog, you have one of the best deterrents for a crime. Fighting a dog is the last thing burglars want to do.

If you don’t have a dog, then you can always pretend you have one! Putting up “Beware of Dog” signs on your gate is going to make criminals think twice and leave your house alone.

(4) Pretend You’re Home

Nothing attracts thieves more than a lifeless house. So if you’re going to be away for a while, don’t make it obvious.

Keeping your lights on is a simple yet effective way of doing this. Another way you can cover up your absence is to have the post office hold your mail. If your mailbox flag stays up for a long time, this is a big giveaway that no one is home.


There are so many ways that can help you burglar-proof your house without spending too much money.

This guide will help you choose or combine several methods that will always keep intruders away from your house without an alarm system.

Moreover, effective home security measures that highlighted here only work effectively if properly adhered to. There is no greater feeling than knowing that you, your family, and property are safe from intruders. Check out best cheap home security cameras on Amazon

In this digital era, security cameras have proved to be effective in maintaining a high standard of security in our homes. They offer adequate visibility of potential intruders even before getting into your home.

Also in providing evidence to the police if the case is reported to the authorities. They provide evidence of the people responsible for a burglary in your home or neighborhood.

It is important to have evidence of burglary before reporting such incidences to the police as a proof is required to support your allegations and for investigation purposes. Home security is actively achieved in the process.

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