List of Security Cameras Brands (15 Brands)

List of security cameras brands

By purchasing a system of video surveillance cameras, you get it for a home, office, commercial institution, or in places where surveillance is required.

It is challenging for everyone to be present at home all the time. Installing a home system is an excellent way to keep your home and family safe.

Home protection should be installed at the main entrance to the house, or you can hide these cameras in trees or windows, etc.

Security cameras can also be useful in an office or business to keep an eye on a suspicious employee. Check out best security cameras for home wireless on Amazon

Security cameras vary in price and size and depend on the needs of users and on whether you require color or black and white.

I put together a list of the best types of systems, as well as the best brands, to better understand how to narrow your search to your requirements.

The Best Types of Video Surveillance Systems

Best Security Camera Systems by Brands
List of Security Cameras Brands (15 Brands)

Remote Security Cameras – These cameras can be accessed from a remote location.

These cameras can be beneficial for monitoring your home or office in your absence.


A bullet looks like a bullet and can be used for both external and internal use.

Dome –

Usually, they are inside a closed unit and, therefore, can be used for indoor lighting or installation on walls.


They act as a deterrent because criminals cannot determine if they work or not.


They are used when you do not want to inform others about the presence of the camera.

You can hide these cameras anywhere in a toy, book, or anywhere else that requires surveillance.

Motion sensor

The use of motion sensors allows the camera to activate only when motion is detected, which saves battery life.

Night Vision

Used for shooting in dark places.


Commonly used at night or infrared – can also be used to monitor places without light.

Wireless cameras

Wireless operation from batteries and, therefore, they are easy to adapt to all places.

My Best Brand CCTV Systems

1. Samsung is a leading brand player; Samsung Camera systems specialize in infrared and dome surveillance systems, known for its powerful imaging capabilities.

2. The SONY-Sony camera options are known but known for their video surveillance systems for home and office, as well as high-quality video recorders and long-term guarantees.

3. Swann – manufacturing specialists, are known for their ease of use and configuration.

4. Specialists of SVAT-Security Solutions, therefore, have a wide range of security capabilities.

5. Panasonic is a well-known electronics brand with a substantial market share and reputation in the field of security products.

6. Honeywell – One of the first players in the security camera industry to enjoy strong brand loyalty from many security professionals.

7. Hikvision

8. Lorex

9. Logitech

10. Nest

11. Dahua

12. Amcrest

13. Bosch Security Systems

14. Zmodo

15. D-Link

When narrowing down your search for a security system that fits your budget and requirements, make sure you compare product options for price, functionality, warranty, and installation.

Choosing Security Cameras

It is a well-known fact that we are surrounded by so much uncertainty in our homes.

For this reason, security gadgets have been developed for centuries to help us deal with the security issues around us.

Among the devices are CCTV cameras, which are designed in such a way that we can easily observe areas around our home that would otherwise be difficult to see under normal conditions.

Using these cameras, you can find out if someone is approaching your home and, therefore, take the necessary measures to protect yourself and your family if an attacker or robber approaches your home.

There is one type of camera that allows you to keep the driveway under surveillance around the clock and thus informs you of what is happening here.

This is called a driveway alarm.

When you go to security stores, you will find that there are many other types of security cameras you can buy, and they all have different prices.

To simplify your task, you can check online to see the cameras that are on the market.

When you do this, you can see the specifications and other functions that come with the cameras, and then you can decide which one best suits your needs.

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Once you decide, go to a famous store, buy a camera and install it.

After that, you can be sure that you have taken a step forward in solving the security problem thanks to security cameras.

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