What Is The Best Video Security System

Security is essential nowadays because of the fraud that we face every day. Sometimes not only fraud but we just need to monitor how things are happening while we are away from our home or business.

When we want to get protection from our homes or offices, we need to install security cameras that act as surveillance.

Before buying any of them, we need to do some research and go for the features that you will like the following.

What is the best video security system that will guide you throughout this topic by providing you with valuable information? Check out the best cheap security cameras on Amazon here

What is the brand security cameras the best?

 security system

When we are buying a security camera, we need to consider the brand that we want and the best is the Hikvision brand.

The brand uses the best and cutting-edge technology in security.

The brand has provided top lenses with HD and NVR features.

We found the Hikvision cameras in businesses and homes around the globe.

The company brand sells complete systems, incorporating everything from the camera surveillance themselves to video intercom software and systems to manage, access footage, and record.

The Hikvision Company manufactures the best cameras that are used widely and they are very reliable.

Which is the best CCTV camera for home?

When we come to select the best CCTV cameras in the market. We need to select the best camera that you can rely upon surveillance.

This Amcrest camera is the top camera that is the best in the market.

This camera is very crucial for the people who lived in cold regions and can withstand temperatures of as low as -22°F.

Perhaps the best feature of this camera system is its capability to detect motion that permits you to make active regions, which alert when the motion is detected within the regions.

The camera system comes with a 1 TB storage drive which gives you up to 30 days of recording in case you use lower resolution or motion detection settings.

This system has the highest resolution of 960H and it can record at 30fps.

  • Pricing & tech specs
  • 60-foot cables (8 included)
  • 8 channels (4 cameras included)
  • 800+ TVL
  • Night vision up to 65 feet
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • 75° view angle
  • Operating temperature: -22 to 122°F
  • Warranty: 1 year

What’s the best home security system?

phone video security system

The modern internet that we use has made things easier as we can set a smart home in which at times you can control your lights, door locks, vacuums, thermostats, pet feeders, and lawnmowers utilizing an app on our smartphone.

It’s additionally made it easier to control and monitor your home area much simpler anywhere.

Smart security systems are more available and highly customizable as you can install yourself by following simple instructions from the manual or incorporating expertise in installation and monitoring.

The best home security system is Frontpoint. It is a system that has blown others systems in the market.

It is very easy to install it as it comes with an installation manual that is simple to follow.

How much does it cost to install a video surveillance system?

Whenever you need to put a track on what is happening in your home, the video surveillance system can assist you in this.

Whether you need to track when your children are arriving home from school, checking on the sleeping kids, or you require to monitor and visualize your home area while you are away.

The video surveillance system will allow doing all of this without you being there.

There are various video surveillance systems in the market, from which we can install ourselves.

And others we need professional installation which at sometimes bring more questions on how it will cost us.

This surveillance camera comes in a various range of forms and this one determines the cost of installation.

The systems that the homeowners can install themselves and able to monitor from their phone cost start from $ 60.

For the people who are opting for wireless cameras that can permit for both professional installation and monitoring, as well as being able to monitor several rooms in the home from phone or tablets.

The average cost for this is around 200 dollars per camera with 100 dollars for installations plus 30 dollars for monthly monitoring.

Best outdoor security cameras with night vision

When we come to keeping surveillance in our home compound.

We need to select those cameras that can even monitor at night.

And we called this capability night vision in the modern market.

There is a wide range of these cameras but we need to select the best of all. The following are the best outdoor security cameras with night vision;

  1. Blink XT is the best security camera system that has various features and it is cheap on the market. The camera is easy to install as you can install yourself and it is able to monitor a wide area. It is waterproof which make it usable in the outdoors and keep the security for 24 hours. Moreocer, we can link and connect it with other blink units. This will permit you to create a home security network which is customizable. It has no subscription fee and stores the video data in the cloud storage.
  2. Reolink Argus Outdoor Security camera is the second best in our rank. It is able to detect the trespassers and able to keep security for 24 hours. Also, it has an ergonomic design that makes it suitable for outdoor use and it can simply be mounted on walls. It is a battery powered and wireless, adding simplicity in installation. It is able to record with a 1080p video giving you a high-quality video and image. Also, it has a speaker and a two-way microphone making it able to provide live streaming and connect both to IOS and Android devices.
  3. YI Outdoor Security Camera is additional fairly visible and can be mounted on the wall. The camera is able to view a distance of 50 feet during the day and night. It records at 20fps creating clear security images and has a 110-degree lens. This camera provides a motion detection with phone alerts and programmable sensitivity. It has a subscription-based cloud service and permits you to connect to more than 5 devices. The camera has a speaker and a two-way microphone that allows you to communicate with the guests or visitors.

Best wireless security camera system

When it comes to installing wireless cameras, we have the following as top-rated products;

1. Netgear Arlo Pro II

This camera is more dependable across the board. It records a high-definition video of up to 1280×720.

And they give you the ability to stream live from anywhere you are using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Furthermore,  it has night vision and can be mounted on walls.

It has the capability to detect motion and sound and start to record immediately once the sensors are triggered.

2. Blink XT

This wireless camera has an HD video record and it is simple to install it.

It uses Android and iOS apps to monitor everything that goes on in your home compound.

Whether you require to ensure children got home safely or monitor your pets.

The camera sensor will alert you through text when anything is triggered by the sensors. It uses cloud storage and it has no subscription.

  1. Blink XT

The camera produces a high-definition video, has a siren when something suspicious is detected around your home.

It also has motion detection sensors that detect motion that will shine and start to record immediately.

Using the camera, you will be able to hear, see and speak to the individuals who are at home utilizing your Android or iOS phones, Mac or Laptop, or tablet.

Best outdoor security cameras

The following are the best outdoor cameras;

  1. Nest Cam – It is a waterproof camera with a built-in microphone and speaker that gives the capability to record and communicate with the guest. It lens records with an HD of 1080 p crisp.

Key features:

  • Able to get email and mobile phones alerts with the snapshots when it detects activities.
  • Waterproof cable, adapter, and cables
  • 130° wide range-angle view
  • Listen and talk with the built-in microphone and speaker
  1. Hikvision DS-2CD3132– this camera is available in the choice of lenses. It has a dome-style camera characteristics compact style that makes it easy for mounting in different places and offers a full HD video feed of 1080p.
  2. Amcrest 720P HD – this camera is available and exists in a select of configurations and it has the feature of plug and play settings that enable you to start monitoring your home area in less time. It comes with 2 TB storage drive which you can record more than 360 hours of monitoring n all the eight channels it has. It also has features of real-time, 3.6mm lens with 75-degrees viewing angle and a USB backup.

Outdoor home security cameras

Sometimes we need to ensure that we keep our outdoor security safe when we sleep or even during the day.

What only we need is to install outdoor security cameras that we can use to record, detect, and alert us when something bad happens.

The following are the cameras you can buy and install to surveillance your outdoor;

1. Foscam FI9828P

This camera comes with 1.3 megapixels of HDR. 3X optical zoom and is rated as waterproof keeping top security.

The camera system is compatible with Android and iOS phones and uses cloud storage.

2. Amcrest WLD895US 720P 4CH

It has a bullet-style security camera that provides complete outdoor security.

Moreover, it comes with a 7-inch high definition. And it is compatible with up to 4 cameras at a time. It streams audio and it is waterproof.

Best home security camera system consumer reports

what is the best video security system home

Having a home security system should be your first most priority.

When buying the top security camera for your home area will make and give you a sense of comfortable and protected living in it.

The characteristics and features you have to choose and consider are live watches so that you can be able to customize the camera system’s settings according to your needs or wishes.

You will additionally be able to obtain add-ons that you can utilize to guarantee you good safety.

Many security home cameras allow you to monitor and control them utilizing your smartphone which is more reliable.

Make your indoor and outdoor safe when you are even on a vacation or travel and you will not be afraid of it being raided.

Best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR

When it comes to a security system with DVR we need to choose them carefully and this is 3 top-rated;

1. Zmodo 1080p HDMI DVR Security Camera System

This camera comes with advanced DVR tech, which enables intelligent real-time recording.

This means that your system will save the space to permit you to synchronize your recordings, provide the capability to watch the videos on your phone, and give longer recording time.

The camera offers large outdoor and indoor coverage.

2. Zosi High-Resolution DVR Security System

This camera has eight high resolution that provides day and night viewing and it is weatherproof.

It has a storage of 1TB that enables you playback and storing of recorded video.

The full camera systems come with User guides for DVR, mouse, DVR remote, and power supplies which one is for your DVR and the other for your camera.

3. Amcrest Video Security System with DVR

This camera system is regarded because of its capability to transmit over a long and wide area. It has a LED feature that offers the best night visual functionality.

Also, it has a motion detection feature and records videos of high quality. It has a 500 GB memory that is used to store and play back the video using DVR.

The camera also has the notifications feature that notifies you of every circumstance when happening through your phone or laptop.

Best outdoor security cameras

When we come to buy the best outdoor security cameras we need to check on this brand and its features;

  1. Blink XT – It has the following features; Wife and battery power, cloud storage, it is a water and weatherproof, motion sensor detector and easy installation feature.
  2. Reolink Argus – the features are; night vision and 1080p Full high definition video, smart PIR motion detection sensor, power and battery power and a built-in speaker and microphone.
  3. YI Outdoor Security Camera – It has the night vision, built-in speaker, and microphone, 1080p full HD, cloud storage which has the optional anti-theft subscription.

Wireless outdoor security cameras

When it comes to keeping tight security in your home, we sometimes consider installing cameras that are wireless and they don’t burden in installing them and no cabling.

These is the wireless cameras with their features that make them more reliable than the wired one;

  1. Nest Security Camera – these cameras record high-quality videos and it has a zooming capability. You can just attach them on the walls and small set up which takes less than 5 minutes. It gives smart video control, compact installation size, able to connect other smart devices, has a built-in speaker and microphone and its alerts are send by the Nest app.
  2. Lynx Solar – it is a weatherproof camera and it comes with a solar panel that is used to charge its power supply. This camera has the intelligent facial recognition, send the video to your device via the app, free could storage and motion sensor detection.


In summary, when you want to buy and install the security camera and security systems you fast need to do some research on which kind you want.

According to the research we have done, the above are the best security cameras and systems in the market that you can choose without much research because we have already researched for you.

The above cameras will never fail you in terms of purchasing cost, installation cost, and breaking up.

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