Vivint Security Reviews (Pricing, Phone, Advantages)

Vivint Security Reviews Overview

Vivint allows you to protect your home or small commercial residence. The smart home tech beats most of the available home security systems. Vivint Security Reviews will give a lot of information about Vivint security.

The system costs slightly more depending on the size of your home and package.

Fortunately, you are assured of security in your home 24/7. The pros and cons of Vivint security systems included below are related to information from Vivint security reviews.

Advantages of Vivint Security

• 24/7 professional monitoring- Vivint allows you to get instant alerts on the Vivint Smartphone app.

Whenever the alarm goes off, Vivint reaches out to inquire further before making a report to the emergency response teams.

You are required to subscribe mon for your home to receive the best services of professional monitoring available.

• Professional Installation- Vivint security highly insists on professional installation to ensure that your system is in order.

You are assured of security as the professionals finish the work faster without messing areas of installation.

The professional team ensures that the work is completed as soon as possible.

• Highly portable- While moving, you can easily move with the full system to your new home.

The installation and uninstallation of the wireless system cause minimal damage to the surfaces.

You only spend a small amount to cover for full installation in your new home.

The wireless device features ingredients that you can pack and start your journey at any time.

• The system is easy to use- Vivint has smart home compatibility to make improve the user experience.

The equipment is compatible with Z-Wave devices, google home, Nest, and Amazon Alexa.

The 7-inch control panel is easy to use and also works as a digital picture frame.

The mobile phone application allows you to monitor your home as you go along the day as usual.

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• Ideal for indoors and outdoors- the cameras are built to last long in different conditions.

The professionals install the cameras at the most strategic points indoors and outdoors. You can communicate two ways through the doorbell camera and the Vivint smartphone app.

Vivint Security Reviews (Pricing, Phone, Advantages...)

Disadvantages of Vivint Security

• Claims of poor customer service- the company has faced challenges in satisfying all clients.

The Vivint security reviews show that some clients are dissatisfied with the available customer service. Actions have been taken to enable all clients to get access to quality customer service 24/7 to all clients.

• Can be Relatively expensive- A professional team installs a Vivint system wi. You might need to subscribe for the 5-year contract constituting high rates paid monthly.

The system and subscriptions can be expensive. However, you are assured of quality surveillance.

• Limited compatibility with smart home devices- Vivint security is only compatible with a limited number of smart home products like Google Nest and Amazon Echo.

The system might prompt you to buy duplicate products to find the best accessories for your home.

From the available Vivint security reviews available, clients are satisfied with the availability of high-tech equipment to keep the homes safe.

Some clients are dissatisfied with the quality of customer service.

The company has made tremendous progress in the last few years. You should not be afraid of spending within your budget to get the best Vivint security system available. Check out best security cameras for home wireless on Amazon

Vivint home security system

Technology keeps evolving day by day, and so are the benefits that it gives people.

When it comes to security, technology plays a significant role in the fight against crime.

That’s why we will talk about how the Vivint security system offers your home an exceptional protection level.

Characteristics of the security system


One single app is necessary to control and monitor every connected element of your home, including cameras, locks, lighting, and thermostats.


Most of the gadgets of the system work intuitively so that your attention is not needed all the time.

For example, the doorbell comes with a camera that detects packages and protects them with its light-and-sound thief repelling function.


The high-level programmed software combined with high-end hardware promise you peace, whether you are or not at home.

In conclusion, this security system reflects the ultimate technological breakthroughs.

Therefore, you should get it if you consider everything and everyone inside your home worth it.

How much does Vivint cost?

Vivint is a home security system with a highly customizable price range, the standard options include

  • A 29.99 monthly monitoring plan for smart devices
  • A 39.99 monthly monitoring plan for smart homes.

You have to purchase equipment from them before you can obtain one of these monthly plans, Vivint offers four equipment packets, they are

  • The Home Security Bundle at 709$
  • Video Security Bundle at 1300$
  • Smart Home Control Bundle at 1049$
  • Smart Complete Bundle at 1700$

The Home Security Bundle comes with

  • Smoke Alarm
  • Sky Control Starter Kit

The Video Security Bundle comes with

  • Doorbell Camera
  • Outdoor Camera
  • Ping Camera

The Smart Home Control Bundle comes with

  • Sky Control Starter Kit
  • Element Thermostat
  • Smart Door Lock
  • Smart Garage Controller

The Smart Complete Bundle comes with

  • Sky Control Starter Kit
  • Doorbell Camera
  • Outdoor Camera
  • Ping Camera
  • Element Thermostat
  • Smart Door Lock
  • Smart Garage Controller

All in all, the pricing is reasonable for what you get. (You can also make your own custom bundle)

Vivint security phone number

Vivint Smarthome plays a vital role in helping you to enhance security in and around your residential or commercial residence.

You can communicate with a client support team on standby at any time of the day, as highlighted below.

When do I Contact Vivint Security?

• To purchase items- You can call Vivint for a free quotation of the installation.

You can use the Vivint security phone number to purchase the products, request for professional installation, and customization of your package.

• For maintenance and repair- You can also use the Vivint security phone number to ask for professional help in the repair and maintenance of your surveillance.

Which is the Vivint Security Phone Number?

The Vivint security phone number is 844-893-3720 to speak with a professional at any time of the day.

Any Available Phone Number Alternatives

Vivint allows you to communicate with the team for immediate responses and guidance through support chat.

You can also let the team contact you by filling in your email address, phone number, and legal names into the online form.

Vivint Security Login

Vivint Security takes pride in the provision of quality goods and services to a large number of clients.

You can communicate through the phone call or customer account via the site.

The Vivint security login allows you to get goods and services within the shortest time possible.

Vivint Security Reviews

How to Create a Vivint Security User Account

At the top right corner of the Vivint website, you will find a link to the creation of a user account.

In the new page, you can fill the boxes by inputting your email address, confirming it, and setting a password.

You can activate your account through the link sent to your email address. You shall take less than a minute to get the Vivint security login setup

Benefits of Vivint Security Login

• Immediate access to goods and services- through your Vivint security login, you can get instant access to the client support for immediate assistance and quotation.

• Customized communication- Vivint security communicates with clients through email. You shall receive customized advertisements and notifications to improve your experience.

• Connects you with fellow clients- Vivint security login allows you to share your story and also read the stories shared by fellow users.

Vivint uses the stories to improve the efficiency of your experience while using one of their high-quality techs.

Vivint Security Customer Service

Vivint Security aims at ensuring that all clients have access to quality customer support.

The customer service is as marvelous as the goods provided by the Vivint.

How can I Contact Vivint Security Customer Service?

• Phone Call- You can contact Vivint Customer Service through 855-760-9333. You can ask any relevant questions concerning your surveillance, or book an appointment.

• Online Chat- The online chat allows you to get immediate assistance through the website. You can query or book an appointment through the platform.

• Filling the Online Form- The online form requires your name, email, and telephone number.

The team uses the information to reach out within twenty-four hours.

Why Should I Contact Vivint Security Customer Service?

• Immediate response- the team is available to handle your queries within the shortest time possible.

There is a large customer support team to handle the growing number of clients.

• Courteous and charming- Speaking to the Vivint security customer service is not boring.

The team is trained to keep you informed and entertained through the call.

• Knowledgeable- The customer service team is prepared to handle the issues raised by different clients.

Tough questions are forwarded to the relevant team for immediate assistance.

When can I Contact Vivint Security Customer Service?

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• Around the Clock- You can contact Vivint security customer service at any time of the day.

The team is on standby to help you maintain the security of your home or business premises.

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