Vivint vs Arlo (Which One Should I Buy?)

Vivint vs Arlo Overview

A good home should always stay on the watch out because there are other people that will always be there to disturb you as you are away. Vivint vs Arlo (Which One Should I Buy?)

That’s why you will be able to get it monitored in the best manner possible by the use of smart cameras.

The market has many but today, I would like to do the comparison for Vivint vs Arlo type of cameras

Vivint vs Arlo (Which One Should I Buy)


Better protection.

Vivint has been designed with a smart deter technology that will identify and intelligently scare away real threats. It uses light and sound to scare threats away before they become burglars.

Arlo on the others has also has the ability to record and even alert the home user on any possible threat that might arise. That ensures that battery power also does not go into waste.

Can be controlled from an app

When you are handling Vivint, you need its app so that you are able to turn on the lights, control the temperature of the home, and unlock the door, an even go further to see what’s happening in your porch.
Arlo also has an app that will allow you to securely see your video in the live manner while you are away.

4K sensor

Most of the cameras that you will come across are standard with 1080p HD. That’s not what you will get with Vivint because it takes a step further with the use of 4K sensors with the use of HDR so that you have the best footage.

The cameras also come with high quality features for Arlo of being 4K HDR.  The only difference that will arise is that they don’t come with door or window sensors. They are only used for indoor and outdoor security purposes.

2-way Audio

Vivnt has been made to handle two ay audio. This is a necessary feature for the best of the best cameras in the market. 
It will allow you to speak with whoever that you will be recording through its speaker an also microphone.
Arlo just does the recording part and that’s where you will find the voice recorded to.

Smart sentry

Those that will be loitering around your home will find it difficult to operate because the camera’s LED lights will automatically light up with it playing some tunes. This will prevent burglars from invading your home.
Arlo provides real time monitoring as it is wireless and completely no use of wires


Most people will love to have a continuous record of their videos every day. Vivint is the choice to go. That’s why it is able to ensure that you get 30-days of continuous recording. After recording then you can choose where to store your data, either cloud or local storage. This will ensure that you are able to monitor your premises comfortably.

Arlo on its part is not able to offer you with the 24/7 monitoring that you might require. Yu can go step further only to choose between having it do for you a 4 monthly video storage options. It has plans that are paid for and the basic one is always free and offers an ability to cover up to 5 cameras and 7 days of video storage. The other plans include

 Smart plan that is at $29 each month. It offers 30 days of video history
Smart premier plan that supports 10 cameras but at $99.9 per month. It also has a e911 call service
The smart elite plan that handles up to 20 cameras with 60 day video history. You need to subscribe on that with $14.99 per month.
Vivint vs Arlo (Which One Should I Buy)
Vivint vs Arlo (Which One Should I Buy)


Vivint is a little bit pricy because it goes at $399. But other than that, you can be sure that is a security camera that you will always love the handling and having at your home.

It comes with the best features like the 4K HDR video that will ensure that you’re able to capture your videos pretty well, has an infrared night vision, and also a storage option among many others.

As compared to Vivint, Arlo is a bit expensive. This is in terms of what you will get. For instance, you will need $120 to get a standard camera with the base station bought differently at $80.

Or the premium cams, it means that you will need to spend between $250-400. That’s why you won’t imagine it being cheap at any one point. The better side is that the cameras that come with it are quality and made to last.


With Vivint the price of $399 that comes with includes installation. So once you buy, you get a qualified person that will o he installation for you. There is no extra expense that you will incur.

Arlo on the other hand is easy to install as it comes with simple DIY guidelines that you can follow to have it installed in your home or residence.

Installing this will need around 30 minutes or less. The good side is that the cameras are able to be mounted virtually anywhere you will love them to be.

Vivint vs Arlo (Which One Should I Buy)

Best choice

The two of the cameras are good but because of the necessity and the usage we have seen, Vivint, therefore, take a better choice.

It can allow you to record your work daily and get it stored for your reference whenever you need it.

Vivint vs Arlo
Vivint vs Arlo (Which One Should I Buy)

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