Home Security Camera Used for Arrest Near Freedom

Home security cameras become very popular nowdays with the development of technology. They are very important to our home security.

If I can say so, they are almost i6ndispensable to our security. Most of them are easy to install and manipulate.

They don’t require to much technology knowledge. WATCH: Home Security Camera Used for Arrest Near Freedom will give valuable information about home security.

To begin with, the Outagamie County Sheriff’s Office released a video online of a man allegedly trying to burglarize a home.

The home security camera help us to catch this thief. Usually the thieves stay away from areas that they know security cameras are installed.

Description of Incident

The incident occurred near the town of Freedom. Thieves often ring the doorbell several times to make sure no one is home before they break in.

In fact, Sheriff deputies used this recording from the home’s doorbell security system to identify the man and quickly made an arrest.

The video was taken by a wireless doorbell camera that many people are installing these days as an extra layer of security.

“I think were seeing a lot more cameras that people are utilizing in their homes and businesses to try to monitor and prevent crimes,” said Sgt. Nathan Borman.

Keep Reading WATCH: Home Security Camera Used for Arrest Near Freedom to learn more.

Furthermore,  it’s crimes like home invasion, or even package theft.  He says the vast majority of burglaries stem from people with drug addiction problems looking to make a quick buck.

According to Sgt. Borman, “They look for all different targets of opportunity be it a door left unlocked or opened, easy access into a home, or it could even be just times left out in the yard, or a garage let open.”

Moreover,  package theft seems to be becoming more popular, but so are the ways to catch it in the act.  Household cameras may also be more affordable than you think.

Best Buy in Appleton says home security cameras have been a hot item.

Also, the  Sales associate, Remington Wait and says, “On average over the week I sell anywhere between 50 to 100 of these systems.”

He’s referring to cameras that can watch inside and outside your home, when you’re not there.

“I think it’s the peace of mind to be quite honest,” said Wait.

The best part today, the technology is becoming cheaper.  The doorbell camera that caught our burglar starts at just $100 dollars.

Other systems that can record and save large amounts of video.

Although more expensive, run for a couple hundred more.  Best Buy calls it “security of the future.”

“A lot of it right now seems like we are in the land of the Jetsons,” said Wait.  “But pretty soon I can see we will integrate all this into our own homes.”


We can’t finish talk about the advantages of home security camera. This is just one example among thousand others.

A good place to purchase home security cameras is either online at websites like Amazon.com, or at your local electronic store such as Best Buy or Walmart.

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