What you need to know about Wyze App


What you need to know about Wyze App

The Wyze app is probably the most featured-packed and updated home security system today.

The app itself is free and it is already existing in many platforms.

There is Wyze app for pc, Wyze app for Mac, Wyze app for Windows, Wyze app for ios, and Wyze app for android.

With the use of this app, users can simultaneously keep an eye on multiple cameras on any platform it is available.

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A live stream and playback feature are also available which helps on going back to some things the user might have missed.

There’s also a motion detector on the cameras that will notify or alert the user whenever one of those cameras detects any kind of motion.

It automatically records the video and makes it available for the user to view what was detected.

The app also includes a shortcut feature wherein users can set a time on when the cameras turn on or off.

And users can still manually control all of the cameras at the same time. Another feature is the time-lapse.

No one would want to review a whole day at the same time elapsed. That is where this feature comes in handy.

Users can set the time on when the time-lapse will be recorded and can review the whole day quickly.

Another feature which they called “Events” is very handy for any user. This is basically a two-week history of recorded scenes in your app. It is securely stored in rolling cloud storage for free.

There has been a great community who patronize this app. Anyone who has questions is being assisted accordingly and that’s just another point of why this app is great.

The Wyze app support team listens to its customers. Showing it by making improvements to what is already a great app.

Wyze Cam Pan – Panning WiFi Security Digicam For Less money

This will give you a general overview of this fantastic camera.

Evaluation of Wyze Cam Pan.

Wyze Cam Pan – Panning WiFi safety digital camera is a good camera that you can get for less.

The old saying goes, “You get what you pay for!”  It’s no longer too regularly that you simply get greater than you pay for.

I feel Wyze Cam may be a type of exception.  I reviewed the original Wyze Cam in 2017.

The company up to date their original digital camera with a better digital camera and smarter AI.

They additionally just released a brand new Wyze Cam Pan. That may pan 360 degrees in addition to up and down.  I took it for a verify.

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The Wyze Cam Pan is a similar match to the previous Wyze cam. It’s just taller.

It will be about four” tall and a few 1.5″ on both sides.  It sits on a circular backside that allows for the digital camera to rotate.

Furthermore, you will find your standard micro-USB vigor plug, a micro-SD slot, a USB port, and a button.

The unit itself can rotate however the digicam element can circulation up and down.


Wyze carried out an outstanding job of making the setup very effortless. 

First, you are going to need to set up the app on your cellphone.

Then you definitely go through setup, determine your Wi-Fi community 2.4 GHz, press the button on the bottom of the camera then reveal the QR code on the monitor of your cellphone to the camera.

Moreover, that QR code tells the camera the way to connect to your wi-fi.  as soon as the digicam declares that or not it’s connected.

You’re ready to go!  The Wyze digicam will now show up because it has its place in the list of cameras on the app.

Using the Wyze Cam Pan

The app is primarily sufficient whereas also having ample extra handle over the digicam.

In case you commence the app you are going to see a simple list of your Wyze cameras.  Alas, the screenshots that are displayed in this record are sometimes old.

Also, it shows the monitor seize from the final time you accessed the digital camera.

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This should either show are living feeds just like the Nest Cam app or at the least show a recent screen seize.

Faucet into the digicam and it brings up the reside feed.  

Beneath the are living video circulate you are going to see the up-down left correct controls for the Wyze Cam Pan.

Grasp down an arrow and the digicam strikes. Basic sufficient!

The Wyze Cam Pan offers all of the points I targeted in my usual Wyze Cam epic.

It additionally adds some unique facets that go together with the potential to the pan.

This includes the means to comply with action.  In my check out it worked but seemed to lose track of objects regularly.

Optimistically this gets enhanced with firmware updates. You can additionally set waypoints and have the camera pan from factor to point, stopping at each region for 10 seconds.

Video Exceptional

The video fine on the Wyze Cam Pan is first-rate.  now not great.  Sure, it is HD however many colorings appeared oversaturated in my checking out.

The night vision turned into respectable but failed to seem to work as well as another camera.

Once I recorded video I realized a delay between the video and the sound and a few digitizations from time to time. Again, it’s respectable enough.  it is just not exquisite.

This aspect prices HOW a whole lot?

$30!  Insane, right?  It makes any shortcomings outlined above disappear.

So, you could buy 4 of those issues for just $120!  that’s lower than most organizations cost for a single Wi-Fi digicam.

The cost is the promoting aspect right here… fingers down. And that I’m offered!

Action indicators within the cloud.

Most home Wi-Fi cameras require you to subscribe to a storage plan to keep any video within the cloud.

The Wyze Cams supply it to you for free of charge.  14 days of storage of 10-second action or sound notification clips are saved into the cloud.

Here’s spectacular!  I fully despise purchasing a storage plan after I just spent money purchasing a product.

Wyze allows you to add native storage in case you need to. However, they additionally throw in cloud storage at no cost.  properly finished!


The Wyze Cam Pan is awesome.  It picks up where the normal Wyze Cam left off, adding more performance with only a $10 expense jump.

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You simply will not find any Wi-Fi digital camera with these facets for this fee.  

Sure, it’s no longer perfect and you may discover a more expensive digital camera with a better app or more desirable video first-rate.

But this digital camera is all about the rate.  or not it’s an excellent gift for yourself or a person else who desires an affordable strategy to preserve a watch on their domestic and household when they’re no longer there.

That you may purchase the Wyze Cam Pan directly from the Wyze web site or on Amazon.

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