Wyze Cam vs Nest [How To Choose A Good One]

Today people seem very concerned about their home security.

Whether it’s bad or good, we do not want to argue, but if you’re interested in home security, many smart surveillance cameras are in the market which we choose from them.

Wyze Cam vs Nest which one should I buy?

It is essential to contemplate the quality of the video and audio to ensure that movement or sound can be detected and created. Read more about Wyze Cam on Amazon.

You should also consider a variety of features, such as notifications, geoengineering, and other settings that permit you to work with the camera yourself.

Both Wyze and Nest are excellent, intelligent security cameras with essential features but at very different prices.

Let’s take a brief overview in an order you can make the informed decision when buying one of the cameras.

Wyze Cam

wyze cam

The goal of Wyze is to create an excellent security camera for the home at an affordable price.

They have created a very little camera that can be used anywhere in their home, and there are various versions that are less than $50.

The essential query is whether this camera can keep pace with the key players in this area regarding quality and features or not.


The Wyze camera is a little enough to be put on any edge or go home somewhere.

Once you put it on, you can sometimes forget it, and you will hardly notice it because it is not clear. It tends to mix.

It’s in the form of a cube that some may consider retrograde, but there is nostalgia. It adapts well if you have a modern interior with clean lines.

In case the words “cute” or “friendly” is appropriate to describe security cameras, we will use them here.

The objective of the national security system is that it goes almost unnoticed. The Wyze Cam opens this goal.

You can use this camera brackets to mount on the house or fence wall or place them on the counter.

Also, you can leave this camera alone as a 2-inch box or tilt it down and up to guide it wherever you feed the video.


wyze cam case

Wyze offers bi-directional 1080p video resolution and audio precision.

The quality of the video is best bearing in mind that this camera costs as few as you.

This provides a picture that is clean of all the individuals who are entering into the frame.

Wyze additionally provides cloud storage which is free for 14 days, so you can back up and access all your videos at any moment within 14 days of the videos and pictures being recorded.

These videos are additionally encoded from one part to another for better security.

You can additionally adjust notification alerts when Wyze Cam detects noise, carbon monoxide movement, or smoke detectors.

You can alter the sensitivity of notifications with the application, which is compatible with Android devices and the iPhone.

Individuals with pets can reduce the sensitivity of Wyze Camera, so they do not receive a notification each time the cat goes through the room.

Wyze Cam vs Nest [How To Choose A good One]

People who do not have pets can leave a high sensitivity, and most likely do not have problems with erroneous alerts. Click here to check out the current price of the camera which is one of the cheapest ones on Amazon.

With a six-meter power cord, you can put this camera anywhere, even when you are not near an outlet. In case you discover that you need an additional cable, you can plug it in and leave it.

The extra cable can be a bit annoying because it is difficult to hide.

This camera also has a bidirectional voice and an intelligent voice recognition function so you can discover the difference between sounds and other sounds better than when the pet like dog sneezes.


The primary complaints of this camera are the extremely long power cable and the missing set.

If you have an extra cable that bothers you too much, the Wyze camera is not the camera for you. However, regarding functionality, this does not affect.

The other major complaint has a great relationship with the configuration of your notification.

Because Wyze Cam does not have the characteristics of Giovanna, he cannot say when he is at home.

You can schedule a daily news program to run at hours 8 and 5.

However, if you return home early, you will be notified of any traffic or noise, because he does not know you.

Similarly, you will be constantly notified about traffic or noise on weekends, and you may find yourself completely turning off the notification without your knowledge.

This requires a bit of intensive maintenance over time and needs opening the application to adjust its configuration fairly.

Wyze Cam Bruce:

  • Affordable
  • Notifications of smoke alarms or carbon monoxide.
  • Free cloud backup
  • Good video quality
  • Intelligent voice recognition
  • Bidirectional sound
  • night vision

The deficiencies of Wyze Cam:

  • Long power cord
  • Without geofencing


The affordability of Wyze Cam, together with the incredible quality of the video, raises the query: why are sellers so expensive?

This is because it has HD video, easy installation, great ease of use, attractive and exquisite.

The value of this camera beats many competitors an easy and reasonable solution to their security dilemma in the home, and the present cost you could buy almost one per room for the cost of a competitive product.

It is also good noting that this cam also offers a Wyze Cam Pan of a full 360-degree screen for each room, as well as the tilt of the lens.

The Wyze Pan camera provides excellent features and accessibility to the Wyze camera itself, with the opportunity to continue working during the game and create routes custom patrol.

Nest Cam


Cam Nest is a prominent competitor in the field of intelligent surveillance cameras and even offers videos with low light, Wi-Fi connectivity and a large amount of hardware integration and best customer support.

For high quality and many features, this Cam is the best option.


The Cam is circular and black. It cannot be anything other than Wyze Cam, regarding design. It is around 5 x 4 x 4. The appearance of Nest Cam is not surprising. All things stylish inside.

Features of Nest

The Next camera is only suitable for indoor utilize, although there is also an external copy. The resolution of the video is 1080 pixels, which is compatible with Wyze Cam.

It produces clear vide to determine the difference between objects and people.

With two LED lights you can see something at night, the field of view of 130 degrees beyond that of the Wyze camera by 20 degrees.

If you install Nest Cam at an angle, you can view most of the space in your room.

With the digital zoom, you can enlarge portions of the video up to 8 times, as well as Wyze.

By using bidirectional audio, you can keep in touch with other individuals on the other side of the video.

The Motion Discovery in Nest will be sent as a notification when traffic is detected, and the mobile application is simple to utilize.

The main advantage of using a camera nest is the capability to connect this camera to other nested devices or other third-party products, such as IFTTT, Scout Alarm, Phillips Hue and August Smart Lock.

These basic features do not require a Nest Aware subscription.

Subscribe to Nest Aware and get the continuous recording of videos and download videos and video clips.

It also includes the discovery of the site so that Nest can utilize GPS to reactivate alerts when leaving home.


The Nest camera can be connected in place of 2.4 GHz with 5 GHz Wi-Fi, so you have less signal interference when you need to access the functions of a Nest camera or one of the many Wi-Fi-enabled cameras.

Nest provides customer support beyond the manufacturer’s warranty for two years.

This means that you can sum on an employee being available when things get worse.

Visit the direct customer support and Nest FAQs by phone, live chat, email, and the associated Twitter account.


The main disadvantages of the Nest camera are that you require a subscription to permit some updated features.

At the cost point, which may be considered unfavorable because it is too high, you may think that you will get more out of it.

Some users do complain about how difficult it is to watch a video in direct during the day or at night, although it works well in low-light and normal or conditions.

Each camera has direct lighting problems, eliminating the appearance of the power.

Unfortunately, infrared LED lights are much bright that they wash food even in the dark.

The pros of Nest:

  • Bidirectional sound
  • Motion and audio detection.
  • night vision
  • Good video quality
  • Customizable notifications

The cons of nest cam:

  • Ii always need a subscription of Nest Aware to enable some features


nest guide

Nest offers many functions, but it also costs more cash.

However, in case you are looking for a camera with many combinations that allow you to make a CCTV source and not just a completely intelligent ecosystem, Nest is for you.

Nest additional offers external versions of its weatherproof smart surveillance camera.

Therefore, you can extend the security of your smartphone through your home or all of your property.

The nest also contains IQ Nest camera equipment (full proof here!) Updates that provide many features, such as trilogy with noise reduction, familiar warnings with facial recognition and more.


When you need to install or upgrade your home security system, it is advisable to choose the above two cameras. Click here to see Wyze cam price (you might be surprised) on Amazon.

They have so many advantages and they are cheap to install. You can buy them by ordering from online.

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