All About 180 Degree Wide Angle Security Camera

180 Degree Wide Angle Security Camera

180 Degree Wide Angle Security Camera can be used for video surveillance systems indoors and outdoors.

This is superb because of the durable construction that renders the camera weatherproof.

Moreover, it can withstand all adverse weather elements without compromising its function.

The fisheye has the capability of capturing a field of view of up to 180 degrees. You can select different formats for this camera.

It offers high-definition surveillance and is workable in small or medium-sized rooms. Check out the best cheap security cameras on Amazon here

Ultra wide angle security camera

You will secure the important things in your life with the ultra-wide-angle security camera.

It has an HD home surveillance that is easy to install.

Also, the camera has a DVR and a set of 12 high-definition security cameras.

The package is inclusive of 6 ultra-wide-angle cameras that have high-resolution power.

This camera home surveillance system delivers incredible security footage.

Those that are incomparable. The image quality is the best in class so far.

The night vision is incomparable and you can conclude it as one of the best security investments for your property.

The camera has diagonal angle viewing capabilities and intelligent motion detection. It enables remote viewing by the help of P2P functionality.

Super wide angle security camera

All About 180 Degree

This Super wide-angle security camera is excellent for a wide-angle viewing of warehouses, yards, driveways, parking lots, alleys, and paths.

The camera system is easy to mount on the walls using cables that are threaded through a bracket to reinforce and add protection.

Furthermore,  this is a great way of fighting back against any crime by deterring all intruders and protecting your property.

It has inbuilt software that customizes settings on the camera and gives professional video surveillance.

The images captured in the night are clear and anything blurry is something you shouldn’t come across.

It offers immediate surveillance 24/7 giving you peace of mind.

It has a durable construction and its weatherproof design is able to withstand all the weather conditions without interfering with the performance of the camera.

Count on it for night vision that is extended up to 40 feet and a wider field of vision.

Best wide angle security camera

The Best wide angle security camera is capable of capturing a maximum of 80 degrees FOV field of view.

It is ideal for monitoring the front porch, hallway, entryway, side door, alley, side of the door and areas that are relatively small.

There will be no need for installing many cameras in smaller areas.

In as much, they also cut down on maintenance troubles and the cost of installation.

If you have a small home or business premise, this is the right type of camera to purchase.

The camera has a diagonal angle of view that is above 60 degrees and is inbuilt with a powerful and most intelligent motion detector.

It operates in temperatures below 60 degrees and remote viewing is enabled.

180 degree analog camera

All About 180 Degree Wide

180-degree analog cameras have an effective camera resolution of 1.3 megapixels. You will love the clarity of the pictures and videos it takes.

The camera is color supported giving you an exact copy of what it captures without shading or toning it.

The zooming power will amaze you. The connectivity technology used in this camera is through cable, the form factors for it include flush mount, surface mount, or ceiling mount.

There is no HD recording because it is an analog camera. Once you purchase this camera.

The package contains an angle mount kit, a flush mount, a surface mount, and a surveillance camera.

While it can perform normal and basic surveillance tasks.

Its inability to have upgraded digital features makes it not the perfect option for use in areas with heavy traffic.

Wide angle wireless security camera

Angle Security Camera

With the advancement in technology, you can now purchase Wide-angle wireless security cameras for use.

The wireless nature reduces a lot of clutter and makes the camera unnoticeable by people especially if you can’t identify it.

There are different form factors and most of these cameras feature audio recording.

It is a good way to spy on your own premises and keep watch of your property.

The cameras come with different color modes like black and white night, and or color day.

It depends on what you want and your budget. There are different types and some have MPN while others do not.

Most of their connectivity is network or IP. It is advisable to use your wireless cameras over a WIFI connection.

And in the event that your connection is interfered with, the camera might not work normally.

However, it is the best camera so far but its initial price is hefty so you will have to dig deeper into your pocket to get one

180-degree security camera Poe

Wide Angle Security Camera

180-degree security camera Poe has panorama cameras and there are those designed for indoor and those for outdoor use. Most of them are made of metal to add to their durability.

They have power over Ethernet, are vandal-proof, wide-angle, and have infrared night vision.

Moreover,  the power supply is PoE or DC12. You can use these cameras for surveillance in the meeting room, waiting room, and hall.

The connectivity is wired and network or IP. This type of camera is excellent if you want surveillance for a larger inner space.

Companies that have a lot of staff working in busy areas can install this camera to monitor staff performance at work.

The camera is designed to be weatherproof and can withstand all adverse weather conditions. More so, it is rustproof and can be used during all seasons.

Wide angle CCTV security camera

Wide-angle CCTV security cameras have high-resolution power and ensure that the image quality despite the lighting condition of night or day is superb.

You can get surveillance at a wide-angle. The infrared lights monitor night vision and see more while cutting down on the number of cameras required.

The camera has automation and can switch the night vision-black and white in the darkness to give a crystal view.

Furthermore,  the construction is durable and weatherproof to withstand all adverse weather conditions.

Mounting and installation are very easy. It is a DIY task and you do not need a specialist for this purpose.

Use it in the shop, shopping mall, home, office, yard, or supermarket. With good care and maintenance.

This type of camera can serve you for many years without needing an upgrade because of the powerful features it has.

Hikvision 180 degree IP camera

Wide Angle Security Camera

Hikvision 180 degrees IP camera is a true day and night surveillance camera and has a wide dynamic range. There are those for use indoors and those for outdoor use.

Cameras have high-resolution power to ensure the quality of images is top-notch.

The cameras have IP connectivity and you can monitor your premise and property with ease.

Installation and mounting is easy affair and doesn’t need prior experience. The IR will fill up the room that it is in.

Panoramic cameras are everything that you need for security purposes in your home or business premises.

Hikvision is known to manufacture high-quality and performing cameras with distinct features and durability that are incomparable.

Getting authentic cameras from their distributors will do you more good.


To sum up, security surveillance cameras are great investments for your home, office, or business premises.

It is important to know the different types of a wide range of surveillance cameras.

Depending on the size of your room or premise and whether you want an outdoor or an indoor installation, your pocket will determine the type and brand that you choose.

Select those whose construction is durable and weatherproof to withstand all the adverse weather conditions and prolong durability.

With good care and maintenance, performance is a guarantee. Read about dome vs Bullet cameras here.

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