Dashlane vs Lastpass: an Honest Comparison

Dashlane vs Lastpass Overview

Dashlane vs Lastpass: an honest comparison will guide you through these two companies to help you to choose one that might be more convenient for you.

Dashlane and Lastpass are two well-known and widely used password managers, nowadays.

They both count over 10 million users and although they share some common ground, there are actually significant differences between them.

Their specific features, pricing, support, security are the most important criteria that should be taken into account before choosing one of these managers.

However, users should have in mind that both these managers are among the top available options on the market.

Specific features of each manager

Dashlane vs Lastpass an Honest Comparison

The most recent version of Dashlane includes some new features.

The manager is able to scan the dark web to find anything suspicious and notify you with a private message.

Premium subscribers receive credit monitoring, as well.

Other important features of Dashlane include multi-device synchronization, automatic password changer in case of threats and unlimited storage.

On the other hand, Lastpass focuses solely on password management.

That being said, users can store their bank accounts, insurance policies, database logins and passport all in that manager. Lastpass includes also, file sharing and it has its own good app.


In terms of pricing, which is always an important factor when we choose a task manager, Dashlane has increased a bit its rates throughout the last years.

To have premium access on that manager, you will need to pay around $5 per month and for premium plus users, the total amount raises to $ 10 per month.

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There is always the free-trial period, that is, however, mediocre in what it offers.

Lastpass is one of the most affordable password managers on the market, nowadays. Its free plan is good enough and it includes almost every specific feature.

For premium subscribers, the total cost is only $2 per month.

Lastplane offers a family plan, as well that’s not possible with Dashplane. This plan provides users with licenses for six users along with a common family manager board.


As the name itself reveals, security is the most important feature of every modern password manager.

Dashlane is considered one of the strongest and most secure managers, out there and for good reason. There are actually three main reasons that justify that term:

The master password is not being stored on Dashlane’s servers or your machine.

The manager uses exceptional encryption on your data there is no history of data breaches recorded by users of Dashlane

Dashlane vs Lastpass

Lastpass, on the other hand, has two major breaches in its history. The encrypted master passwords of many users were stolen back in 2011 and 2015.

However, no passwords were stolen. Using a strong password can be the only key to staying secure when you use Lastpass.


Quick and effective support is really important for every customer, cause it makes him feel secure that someone will be there to assist him with any sudden issue that arises.

Thankfully, the Dashlane has good records in terms of customer support, while the Lastpass has some problems in that area. Dashlane offers email support, along with living chat, and a really good help center.

The official site is actually full of useful articles with detailed info about every step in the process of installing the manager, getting started and managing data.

Unfortunately, the same does not apply to Lastpass.

Although the manager promises 24/7 support, you can only contact the help center via email and it can really take some hours before you receive a response back.

Customers usually prefer to try and find the answers to any arising issues by visiting the forum. Reviews by former customers can also, help in that regard.

No phone support is available in neither password manager, though.


In terms of password management, both the Dashlane and the Lastpass are good choices.

They offer really good features compared to their price, they are trustworthy and capable of helping users encrypt their passwords and their important documents with security.

When compared, it is true that Dashlane has some advantages over Lastpass, but it is quite more expensive, as well.

For this reason, it is really up to each user to decide on which manager suits his needs best.

Having a thorough look at the features provided by each manager, along with reviews by former clients can ensure that you will make the best choice in the end.

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