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Kkmoon Camera

Kkmoon Security cameras are one of the best options available to help monitor the operations of your business or your home, thus ensuring security and protection.

You always require to buy the kkmoon camera from the official website of the manufacturer or any e-commerce site.

After you receive the camera, the proper selection of the equipment plays an important role in its performance, and the correct installation of the kkmoon camera is required. Click here to learn more about kkmoon security camera on Amazon.

kkmoon camera manual

A kkmoon camera is the security cameras that are used for any surveillance.

When you buy the camera, there are some guides that you should follow before installing the camera.

The following is the installation manual and safety instructions.

Here are some of the Top Best Kkmoon Security Cameras

ImageNameKey FeaturesPriceIR (Yes/No)Night Vision
KKmoon TBL-1D42H2IR 700+ TVL Dome Camera with 24pcs IR LED Night Vision Wide Angle NTSC System Indoor Security KKmoon Wireless WiFi HD 720P Pan Tilt IP Camera Auto-Focus PTZ Outdoor & Indoor Security IP CCTV CameraRead Full ReviewYesYes
KKMOON HD 1.0MP Wireless Security WIFI IP Camera PnP P2P Pan Tilt IR Cut WiFi Wireless Megapixel SurveillanKKMOON HD 1.0MP Wireless Security WIFI IP Camera PnP P2P Pan Tilt IR Cut WiFi Wireless Megapixel Surveillance Camera Network IP Webcam
Read Full ReviewYesYes
KKmoon HD 1080P Security CCTV Camera Home Surveillance NTSC System
1.7mm Fisheye 360° Panoramic
Read Full ReviewYes
KKmoon TBL-1D42H2IR 700+ TVL Dome Camera with 24pcs IR LED Night Vision Wide Angle NTSC System Indoor Security Surveillance CCTV CameraKKmoon TBL-1D42H2IR 700+Night Vision Wide Angle NTSC System Indoor Security Surveillance CCTV Camera
TVL Dome Camera with 24pcs IR LED
Read Full ReviewYes

Installation manual

The following are the brief guideline on how you should install this camera in your home and start to receive the signals.

  1. You should read this installation manual before you start the camera installations.
  2. You should ensure that you power down all the related equipment during installations.
  3. The camera should not be installed in circumstances of high temperatures or humidity. You should avoid scarce dampness, ventilation or vibrations during camera installation.
  4. You should check the equipment power supply to ensure you avoid any damage that may be caused by mismatching issues.
  5. Don’t try to dismantle the camera alone and rather hire for a professional. The camera users are accountable for any issues caused by unauthorized repair, poor installations or modifications and aren’t supported by the warrant of the manufacturer.
  6. SD card, lens, and power supply are optional during installations.

Safety Instructions

– The given installation guides are to ensure that that you install the camera and use it safely.

– The security measures are divided into “cautions“ and ‘warnings.”

– Warnings: severe injury may be instigated if given precautions warnings are not well followed.

– Cautions: Equipment damage may be initiated in case cautions aren’t followed.

– Don’t test the equipment of the camera direct to the power individually rather wait until you assemble all of them.

Kkmoon camera reviews

The average consumer can talk louder these days than in the past.

The Internet has opened a new world to consumer feedback, and you can now log in to technical blogs, comment sections in the web store and many other similar places to find information that other consumers have said about the video cameras you are considering to buy.

The usefulness of this is obvious. The people who use this product in the real world and real environments are the ones who provide comments.

These may be better than real-world tests because they are not tests. This has to do with the actual use of the product and the actual results, and if they are updated to people who have expectations similar to yours.

The problems with this are many. As with any other product or brand, when you read comments on a kkmoon camera that has been published by people who are not professionals, you do not know what to get.

Do you like the camera simply because you have not tried anything better?

They may have lower standards than yours.

Kkmoon camera app for android

Kkmoon camera has the capability to be controlled by the Android app and able to view the real-time photos and videos taken by the camera.

What You Need Camera

The Android app has the following features that make it more reliable to camera users;

– It has a ptz control

– It has an SD card which supports video playback

– Has a real-time video viewing

– It takes pictures for real-time video.

– It has synchronizations time zone settings and cell phone time

Check out kkmoon wireless camera’s price

Kkmoon wireless camera

The following are benefits of Kkmoon wireless camera to the users;

  • Mobility and flexibility: Wireless cameras can be moved to different areas of the office or at home. Conversely, wired cameras cannot be removed once they are installed. This requires the help of a technical person.
  • Profitable: since it is easy to transfer wireless cameras without technical assistance, there is no cost here. You can transfer them from the pool to the family room without sweating.
  • No cables: wireless cameras combine well with any interior. Its interior decoration will not be stained by invisible wiring.
  • Different sizes to meet different needs: you have the option of getting a camera smaller than the size of your thumb that you can take anywhere. Do not be fooled by its size. You can record all activities better than larger cameras. People behave normally when they do not complain about any spy tool. You can view and catch them in the act without sweating.

kkmoon IP camera software download

After you install your kkmoon camera, you should consider installing the camera software in your pc for easier control and monitoring your premises.

If you don’t have the software, you should visit the Kkmoon official website and download it from there.

The software is free when you download it from the official website of the manufacturer.

The manufacturer of the camera provides the installation guide of the software.

Kkmoon app for pc

What You Need to Know Kkmoon Camera

The app for the camera is usually downloaded and installed using the installation wizard provided by the developer of the app.

After installing, you should follow the following procedure to connect it to your wireless kkmoon camera;

– Input the IP address of the camera

– Select the profile “Foscam FI8602W” which is recommended by the manufacturer.

– Chose the format of H.264 RTSP

– Finally, input the username and the password of the camera.


Kkmoon cameras are one of the most common and common types of surveillance cameras. They usually come in white or black, cameras that are surrounded by a domed lid.

This dome is useful for many reasons. First, it is often difficult for someone who watches a security camera to determine the way they refer to.

This allows you to protect more space because nobody knows exactly what you are filming or recording.

The dome can also protect the camera from harsh conditions like storms and rain.

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